Intel Report 9/20/22

I don’t think TB is out today


Got it so all of this is irrelevant LOL.

Can confirm CTB is not out recruiting today. Rose and wife spotted him walking around the Boars Head like 20 minutes ago.


So Jackson is the guy, just gotta hope he holds out til we can get him on Grounds. 50/50!shot that happens

GWIII maybe out, Demary maybe in and a few other dudes being bound around, maybe

I need an offer to somebody


We seem to be all over the place. Don’t look like we will hold a scholly and rollover for the ‘24 class.

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Someone w supposed connections to GWIII o the Louisville boards says he’s there this weekend and will likely end up there fyi. Not sure I care, but would like to see us use that 3rd scholly on a guard

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Louisville literally has like 1 guard on the roster for when GW3 get there. Surprised they aren’t a bigger factor for ElMarko and it looks like DJ Wagner might be Kentucky bound.


I know. Think they were surprised they didn’t get as much traction before the OSU commitment

Having watched that AAU team numerous times, they always performed better when Green was subbed in for Carr. Carr really didn’t do anything that made me think he deserved to start over Green other than perhaps his AAU coach trying to get him some exposure for recruiting.


Oh yeah. Big gap between Green and Carr. Not a fan of the Carr interest. Just assuming it’s doing any due diligence with any remaining available top 150 type guard.


No interest in a skinny ATR player who makes 3s?

Just asking…

Edit- this write up sounds like TMIII


There are several players at Link who are more well-known than three-star senior combo guard Cameron Carr, odds are he’ll develop his own notoriety through the course of the year. A classic late-bloomer, Carr is a rail thin 6-foot-4 guard who is still growing, has long arms (7’0” wingspan) and is just starting to tap into his potential.

Carr plays with skill. He can knock down shots, he’s a savvy passer and he has great feel for the game. He’s had some injury battles in previous years but now he’s 100% healthy and while he’s still rail thin, he’s gotten significantly more athletic and that burst allows him to play with significantly more confidence. He just missed the top 150 for the class of 2023 after helping MoKan Elite to a Peach Jam title in July. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he breaks through this season.

Chris Collins of Northwestern and his entire staff were on hand for Carr and he’ll visit Evanston next weekend. He’s also set to see Kansas State (he went to school in Manhattan before transferring to Link) in a few weeks.

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like @Galileo24 , Carr didn’t impress me much watching Mokan clips and over the summer streams. The wingspan is notable but otherwise he’s not someone who is going to help you next year and there are more interesting uses of the scholarship (that Canadian at Combine for example).

Absolutely could grow like Murphy did though.

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Regarding Carr, I should have put in a disclaimer that 1) kid may still be evolving as a player and 2) I’m a terrible talent scout with zero qualifications to do so.

He was just sort of “there” in AAU play but there is some raw material there to like. His size, his wingspan. The issue is whether he can play PG at the college level and would need to be able to provide minutes as a first year. If we had a guy who is ready to give minutes at guard for the 23/24 season all ready on board I think he’d be a good long term investment. However, I see Gertrude as kind of a long term investment and definitely not a PG (see disclaimer above), so that would be two.

If Tony decides to go after him, forget everything I posted, he’s fine.


I get you. But we have seen this movie before with Brogdon right? If coach onboards two CG with plus handles and playmaking then I am SURE that one of them will be the primary ballhandler and look good doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s intriguing. He has some raw assets that could be special just like Elijah does. With Gertrude it is his explosive athleticism, with Carr his size and reach. If Tony goes after him I’m in! I’m just commenting that he wasn’t notable during AAU play this summer, but kids develop at different rates.


Hearing it’s unlikely to work out with GW 3.


Can you share any details?

How would you rank the interest in the other late evals?

Canadian kid?
Bmore kid?

Add Demary and rhe NZ kid for @Hooandtrue

Better question is did we want it to work out?

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Don’t really know details with GW. I get the feeling it’s just a wide gap between his expectations and what TB sees for him at UVA.

Carr would be the most real i guess. All low probability thought.