Is it just me or is this really true?

Earlier today, I saw something talking about our basketball national championship, and it said “The basketball natty has done wonders for my soul. I’m so relaxed and chill at games. Legit enjoying this rock fight. Let’s get weird.” I think this is so true. This season, I have felt so much more relaxed, even though we’ve had a few tough games. A big burden is off of our back, and now everyone around the world that Virginia basketball actually is awesome and it actually does work. Like Coach throwing the monkey off his back, in March. lol. Let me know your thoughts on this.


100% agree myself and a few friends said the same thing during the Columbia game. For me as a UVA fan it meant being good and getting close but never being able to break through on the national stage. It happened in every major sport. The National Title showed everyone outside of Hoonation that the Hoos are legit. Now I watch the games and feel a greater sense of ease because that statue is sitting in the trophy case and no one can take it away from them. Everything Tony Bennett set out to do is now validated.


I feel the same way. Our early departures from the tournaments and especially with the UMBC loss I guess deep down I was looking for redemption for UVA. The natty gave us that and proved that we are an elite team. I still get very excited during the games but I also have a peace inside knowing that we have already proven we are the best !


With you guys on this. I was definitely nervous during that Vermont in the second half, But knowing we have proven ourselves last year, and losing our 3 top players, gave me a sense of peace when the idea of an unexpected loss crossed my mind. Luckily our experienced players played well, and Im confident in the improvement of our new guys!


100% agree. They say there is a few year grace period after a championship…guess that’s what this feeling is.

There was such a feeling of satisfaction last year…hard to explain it.

How would we feel after 2/3 championships? would love to find out…lol


Absolutely true, I am way more relaxed this year. Also, knowing we should have a down year after the departure of the big-3 has helped. CTB always has our team ready, so I am enjoying the ride, laughing at all the pundits and not worrying much. It is remarkable how the rants must have hung true inside all of us, until IT happened last year. God Bless coach, his Faith in the system and what he accomplishes with these young men both in and off the court! GO HOOS!


I don’t know. I was pretty fired up yesterday. Maybe it had something to do with Hurley on the other sideline.


Agreed…when we were down 9 vs ASU…It was intense as ever for me…