Jordan Geronimo CB (update:committed to Indiana)

A lot of these don’t mean jack to be honest, but this one came from Andrew Slater. He’s the best intel guy in the industry by far. He doesn’t make these randomly for entertainment like some. He’s a perfect 21 for 21 on class of 2020 predictions so far. You can bet he’s heard something. It’s interesting.

Jordan is set to take his first official visit this weekend to Indiana. There’s been no offer from Virginia reported yet.


Let’s do it! I would love to see him develop under CTB & staff…

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This is awesome…

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The Boston College insider logged a prediction for the Eagles today. This tweet from Jordan’s AAU program explains the logic behind that.

Boston College basketball recently added Makai Ashton-Langford and today Justin Vander Baan. Top 100 prospect DeMarr “Boo” Langford will begin an official visit to BC Friday. Top 100 prospect Jordan Geronimo scheduled to take official visit in Oct. All 4 are Mass Rivals products.

— Rivals Nation (@RivalsNation) August 28, 2019

I suspect Jordan’s decision is going to be more about playing right away at a program like BC or waiting his turn at Indiana or possibly UVA. For what it’s worth UVA folks are downplaying this for the most part. Definitely interested, but the visit was just out of convenience since he was coming with his family for move-in day. Nothing is imminent. If he gets an offer, it might not come until coaches are able to go back on the road starting Sep 9th.


Committed to IU following weekend visit. Assume offer never came or wasn’t coming. Curious on Slater’s intel. Could be as simple as CTB was gonna go all in and decided recently to change direction

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Sounds like they blew him away. UVA never offered. Slater’s hit a cold streak, 2nd commitment today he had the wrong prediction for.

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he committed tu Indiana


You might have answered this elsewhere, but any information on what CTB’s plan is at this point with regard to the open scholarship for 2020? Is it a matter of the coaches catching their breath and getting back on the road before they decide in a tentative direction-- i.e., look for someone in the 2020 class this fall; wait until the spring to allow transfer and coaching change options to open (doesn’t seem like an attractive situation for a post-grad next year thought); or keep the open scholarship for the 2021 recruiting cycle?

Oh I doubt there is much of a specific plan although with Bennett you never really know. They might have someone IDed overseas perhaps to bring in and redshirt. We’ll definitely see them pop up at open gyms this Fall to continue evaluating potential 2020 guys. It’s just that it’s a small pool of suitable recruits available to sign this Fall. As far as they’re concerned, there are 4 scholarships available to be used by 2021. Whether one comes off the board a year early doesn’t really matter, since that player is unlikely to contribute in his first year anyway. Geronimo was the perfect example. Very talented guy but UVA just didn’t like him enough to give up on the 2021 players he would have ruled out.

What Bennett seems to prefer when underclassmen leave is to go the transfer route, backfill the scholarship. To him, everyone fills a role and they’re very careful to space out the players filling the same role, 2-3 years apart. He’s meticulous with roster management that way. We just saw it last Spring. Hunter leaves, Hauser enters in the same class. Marco goes, Tomas enters.

The difference this time is Frankie left in the Fall, giving them the option to consider high school recruits now. They’ll definitely want to use one of those scholarships on a transfer or 2020 recruit even if not until Spring, because frankly filling that many spots with quality players in 2021 would be an almost impossible task on the heels of the last two groups. It’ll have as much to do with where they feel like they stand with the 2021 guys as anything.

I suspect the short Geronimo saga tells us they’re not so interested in filling that spot, the Justin Anderson role as I think of it, at least not this Fall. It will be interesting which 2021 guy Bennett focuses in on there, Quincy Allen maybe? Jabri is the only player projected on the 2021 roster like that and they’re treating him as an immediate upperclassman for recruiting purposes.