Kansas with 5 Level 1 violations.......can't escape this time



Can’t escape this time? It’s the NCAA. They can and will.


I find it ironic and fascinating that the NCAA’s most lethal penalty is also the same reason they have no teeth in going after a program today.

Five Level 1 violations?

Punishment: Loss of 1 scholarship, spread over five years (.2 scholarships/year), rounded down to nearest whole scholarship.


Zion is in a legal dispute with a former agent who’s trying to play hardball.


If duke is found to be guilty of any wrongdoing, how many scholarships would N.C. State lose?


What brand shoes does Clemson wear?

Clemson wears Nike, like Duke. The accusation of Adidas payment is before college. He played for an Adidas AAU team.


Ok, I’m trying to figure this out. Wasn’t Zion expected to go to Clemson?

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Yeah it was a shocker. Not so much that he didn’t choose Clemson, although that’s what people seemed to expect. Duke wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Hadn’t come around in a long time. He did a final round of in-home visits in the weeks before the announcement. I know Calipari and Roy Williams were there, and others. Not K.


Duke wasn’t even involved in the last set of in home visits? If that is the case it does make it strange

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Kansas just picked up a commitment from the 31 ranked player in the 2021.class… with five level 1 violations hanging over their head. The majority of kids and inexplicably parents, just don’t care what these programs or coaches are doing. At all.


The most hilarious NCAA punishment was Braxton Beverly losing a year of eligibility for going to a class at Ohio State, announced the same day that UNC was let off the hook for decades of fake classes and easy As.


Breaking: Florida court has just denied Zion Williamson's motion to stay discovery relating to eligibility.

Thus, the state court will require Zion to answer questions from his prior marketing agents that go to whether he or his family accepted any improper benefits.

— Darren Heitner (@DarrenHeitner) June 2, 2020

Much pleasure would be had if somehow Duke, Kansas, Arizona, LSU, etc suffer extensively due to infractions.


Best news I’ve heard all summer…

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Any opinions out there on how significant or insignificant this could be?

Zion having to admit anything and duke actually getting punished are two very different things. He could have video taped himself taking the keys from a duke booster or a shoe exec. It doesn’t matter, duke won’t be punished. ESPN will go into full “they should have been paid all along” mode and rather than being vilified, they’ll be praised for doing it the right way…the way it should have always been. Villains? Nooooo. VISIONARIES!

Zion could sing like a bird but make no mistake, as for duke…

Is going.
To happen.


I think some programs are going to fall on this proverbial sword. I think the NCAA is going to look to strike the balance between looking like they are taking this seriously without pissing off cash cows. So I feel like Arizona and Louisville could be in danger with Kansas getting dinged up

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Sources tell me that @LSU has been notified by the @NCAA of the various allegations that they have been charged with involving the Men’s basketball program .

— Dick Vitale (@DickieV) June 4, 2020