Kihei Clark- Confessions of a doubter

During the game they talked about Haarms like he was some A list prospect. I always thought he was more a C.

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And he transfered to BYU. Very strange


And didn’t do much there if I recall. And that’s it

Yea, if he loads up like most players would the clock runs out. Your right both players were next level on that play .Great day to be a Hoo. I know the little community i live in was probably shocked by the screaming and hollering coming from my house.


And that kept up for 2 more games as well

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Impressive use of the english language. We are still waiting for our recently turned 2- year old great grandson to put 2 words together.


Exactly! Everyone knows about “the pass”. There also should be a thing about “the shot” that everyone would know what you are referencing. That was an incredibly difficult shot, even more so considering the situation.


I still wear the shirt that says “The tip. The pass. The shot. The play.” That’s two parts Mamadi, one part Kihei. (If we add “The missed free throw” then Ty would make an appearance.) (Jack Salt gets “The lift.”)


Same here @dave92. Makes great game day gear - or if I’m mad at my wife who’s an Auburn fan. To her credit though - she was actually happier for me than she was upset about her team


I’m just glad Kihei has played so well this year and the criticism has died down. It’s become clear it was always about his actual play and not something more nefarious as some liked to suggest. Kihei stopped leaving his feet without anywhere to go once a game! He’s stopped dribbling into a lane with 4 defendeds and no where to go twice a game! Some of these improvements are due to the offense around him providing better spacing, of course. But some are just Kihei finally valuing the ball to the level we had gotten accustomed to with London and Ty. If we had gotten this version of Kihei for the last 3 years there wouldn’t have been such an online controversy around him in the first place. Happy to see Kihei putting it all together and I’m exiting to continue enjoying this ride!


I love Kihei but I admit I was strongly against him returning. I could not have been more wrong. I should have realized that if Tony wanted him, then I should support it. I failed miserably. Kihei has been the MVP this far. I am for him returning next season as well!






Nailed it!