Kyle Guy gets hot early from 3

13 Points, 3 3PM, 4 Rebounds


“Kyle Guy from Virginia has that look to him…he’s got that swagger about him.” Doug Christie and Grant Napear on NBATV postgame


He’s such a steal. Already shown he can hit big shots. Kings seem to have a magic touch on late 2nd round. :sweat_smile:


They always undervalue our guys’ potential. Can’t wait to see the rest of our crew play later this week! Thanks for putting this together, Ty and Simba! #ProveThemWrong


Summer league is gonna be lit

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Kyle Guy hit 3 triples in the first half…again.

Announcer: “Has he challenged you yet?”
Buddy Hield: “Nah, he’s not ready for that.”

“Showing you he can do more than just shoot the basketball.”

“Kyle Guy with the no look assist after he went for a huge left handed dunk down the lane. Kyle Guy is playing with confidence.”

At Halftime the broadcast featured his highlights. “Kyle Guy once again playing well for Sacramento.”

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Kyle Guy 14 points, 4 rebounds, 4 3PM

7/3 vs. Lakers
Lakers 99
Kings 97

The Lakers comeback from 21 to defeat the Kings…who finish 1-2 at the California Classic

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