NCAA Basketball Possible Rule Changes for 2021/22 Season

What does everyone think of the proposed rule changes for next season?

6-fouls w/ only 3-fouls per half?

No back court violation?


i like 50% of it, not a fan of losing 10 seconds backcourt and the 5 second closely guarded (though that would seemingly destroy 'cuse’s press, right?), nor giving the defense possession on EVERY jump ball.

The fouls seems fine but with them and the resets at 10 minutes, it seems like they are trying to create quarters without just… creating quarters. Also would be interesting strategy on possessions with like 10:13 to go, are/can you be more aggressive for those 13 seconds depending on the foul limit). also, there will be so much confusion from the PBP broadcasters if that goes into effect, lol.

I also tend to like the 1 and 1 as it rewards ability to make free throws, and never understood why so many are against it.


These are all routinely bad or are removing a reward for good defensive play.

I find adjusting the travel rule portion funny because it’s very rare to see any of the moves listed (Euro step, spin move, or step back) called as travels now.

On the 6 fouls…college basketball already has the equivalent number of fouls as the NBA which has 6 fouls.

NBA Game Length: 48 minutes

NBA Fouls Allowed: 6 fouls

Minutes per foul: 48 / 6 = 8

D1 Men’s Basketball Game Length: 40 minutes

D1 Men’s Basketball Fouls Allowed: 5

Minutes per foul: 40 / 5 = 8

I wish they’d quit trying to make the college game identical to NBA basketball. There’s plenty of NBA content to consume for those that prefer it over college.


Agreed on this one.

This one just seems convoluted to me.

Agree…I think the comment that it’s a way of getting around having quarters is on point.

I don’t really want quarters but I wouldn’t get worked up if they made that change. Women’s hoops went to quarters instead of making convoluted foul rules.

If that’s what you really want, just do that.


I hate every single one of them. How about this: leave the game alone for a few years.


I am so thankful that the NCAA has the resources to tinker with men’s college basketball rules, while at the same time deftly handling COVID, name image likeness, gender disparities across all sports, and equitable recruiting oversight and enforcement among other issues. Hopeful, they can compensate Mr. Manfred from MLB well enough to get his input to make a more entertaining product for fans and players alike.

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Love the idea of getting rid of the 1 and 1. Like the 6 fouls too. Prefer to see the best players in the game at the end.

While I understand the sentiment here… and I get where you are coming from. All sports organizations have competition committees and every year there are proposals for rules changes. So I don’t see why any of the other stuff would affect a competition committee… do you suggest they disband it because of everything else? Most if not all of these rules will not move forward, but they are fun to discuss and banter over.

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You need the extra foul in college to account for the refs making bad charge calls


Fix that rule or find a way to better train or hold refs accountable then. Adding another player foul isn’t the solution because crappy charge calls are still going to exist.

Players also have the option to pass, shoot a floater, shoot a pull up jumper, or not barrel down the lane to avoid crappy charge calls.

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It’s the same problem in many large institutions with very little accountability. If you agree that there are significant issues that need addressed, then everything else is hand waving, avoidance, coverups, and passing the buck.

Please let me know if there has been a significant issue the NCAA addressed and improved in any area of their $1B operation over the last 30 years.

I agree it’s fun to discuss rule changes on a message board for free, but these people are highly compensated with little to show for it. Their recent SCOTUS argument demonstrates the contempt they have for fans and athletes.

Well if we go to 6 fouls I guess Tony can feel good playing a guy with 2 fouls in the 1st half.


They’re just giving teams the option to decline free throws and keep the ball instead. Would eliminate the ‘hack-a-shaq’ strategy. Nick Vander Lan could stay in at the end of games.

there’s a growing movement to get rid of charges altogether. not all offensive fouls tho. not sure how i feel about it. it’d be nice to not have to watch refs giddily tease a block call before calling it the other way but in some ways it’d fundamentally change the way defense is played

I would be in favor of only primary defenders being able to take charges. A help defender sliding in at the last second and falling down isn’t defense, and creates some unnecessary injury risk. But lowering the shoulder into your defender or pushing off while you drive should still be fouls.


here’s a good piece by mark titus basically just expanding on the points you made


seems like they’d be doing both - removal of the 1 and 1 with how the fouls reset at the 10 min mark of each half (i.e., you’d just get 2 free throws on the 5th foul of the each 10 minute segment).

AND allowing you to decline the free throws at the end and just inbound it again… which seems like it would eliminate most comebacks? You basically can never give the ball back, as long as you’re able to successfully inbound and avoid a jumpball/lazy pass? the defense just has to keep fouling? (as i type this, i guess there would be a fascinating decision when you’re up 2 with like 6 seconds left, and get it in to a 65% free throw shooter who is is fouled. do you roll the dice with him shooting 2, or do another inbounds and risk a 5 second count, bad pass, jump ball, etc., while hoping to get it to your 85% shooter but now with only 4 seconds left…)

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The decline free throw one has no momentum to actually pass. Just an idea.

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The Elam ending, experimented in the NBA all star game, is a great way to speed up end of game and discourage fouls. College would never go that radical but cool concept. I can’t remember the exact details but in the last few minutes the clock is turned off and a final target score is set. Once either team gets to that score, game is over, OT can’t happen either.