Newark Meet up...Pre-game and Post Game?

Oh shit

Lets go here

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This was a place I used to hit up in Newark all the time in my grad school days. It’s like 2 blocks from the arena.

This was my splurge place

My old burger spot

We got a rough count? proly not necessary but in case we can have some sort of reservation. Fresh plus 5 so far

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So Redd’s at 6 confirmed?

Confirmed yes

Edit: I will be the one drilling coors lights with no hair and some LRA hoodie on.


Sorry to miss out tonight. Couldn’t get out of work soon enough.

Great time meeting you all last night. Thanks. Let’s beat Providence tonight!


@DubstotheThird and pops showed up big time. great time and meeting you my man. the plate of chicken wings on you tonight at Reds 6:30!


I got you tonight!


Sorry to miss out! I’ll be on the road to Charlottesville tonight so I can’t make the game but next time there’s a game in the NYC area first round is on me.


That will be the first 2 rounds for two games missed! all good. wish you were able to be there

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