Notes on transfer recruits

The UVA folks are keeping things sealed tight with transfer recruiting. Other than a miniscule tidbit here and there, we’ve been totally dependent on chasing down outside sources to find out what’s going on. I did hear there’s been staff zoom calls all day today, as they’re working their contacts and consulting with each other.

Jayden Gardner

He followed me on twitter today so of course I asked him for a short comment on his Zoom.

From what I hear, he’s getting the full treatment. They really do want him bad. it was him and his dad on the call with Coach Bennett and Coach Kyle Getter. The example of Trey Murphy coming from a lower level and becoming an NBA prospect is being hammered home. He and Trey know each other too, same age from the Triangle area.

Gardner told me he wants to decide within 3 weeks at most, probably a lot sooner. His name in the portal wasn’t a surprise to UVA. Team Loaded (Adidas) folks had been in contact with schools. I think the first to get Zooms with him are the strong frontrunners out of the gate. He’d prefer the ACC, so his family could see him play a lot. NC State has the hometown angle, some friends on the team. Miami is even thinner than we are up front. He playfully ended his convo with me “Go Wahoos” and a grinning emoji.

Armaan Franklin

UVA is very active with him. They’ve done at least one Zoom meeting already and a virtual tour. He’s not talkative, so I’m not totally sure who all is seriously in the mix. Illinois sources are reporting a 2nd Zoom scheduled for this weekend. I think it all comes to a head soon. Indiana has some hope of keeping him. I’m hearing UVA is open to adding more than one guard for what it’s worth. .

Walker Kessler

Nothing new here in terms of specifics. Just a lot of people telling me UVA is in the running. I expect this to be one where there’s just a commitment one day soon with little public noise beforehand. UVA clearly believes they have a good chance. He’s had some contact with players too. I’m a little skeptical to be honest. Maybe because we’ve been here before with him. But also I don’t know how engaged Gonzaga is yet since they’re still busy playing.

Justin Powell

Nobody from UVA has said a word to me about Powell. Only the people that cover Kentucky have.
They don’t think UK is in the running at all now. Like his friend Kessler, he’s not talking. Tennessee, Louisville, and Gonzaga folks seem to believe they’re in this. Not sure what to make of it honestly but there’s a lot of that going on. My guess is he would come into play if UVA lands Kessler.

Other notes

CJ Felder is expected to decide soon. Barring a change or some seriously secret work from the staff, it looks like he’ll head elsewhere.

I’ve heard there’s some internal debate about Noah Locke. Which is the same as it was when he was originally recruited. Everything’s fluid right now, but doesn’t sound as if they’ll be seriously involved.


Great stuff, thanks. I’m sure there are plan B targets but initially a lot of eggs in the Gardner/Franklin basket


Yeah. I’m concerned the whole “TB focuses on 1-2 guys per spot of need” approach like we saw with 2021 HS recruiting will lead to us utterly striking out across the board…like we saw with 2021 HS recruiting.

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But the approach seems to be paying off in 2022 so far so could go either way

I mean, we landed one guy so far for 2022 who may or may not be the product of a secret government project to clone Tony Bennett. Talk to me when we are assured of being able to field a full team of scholarship players in 2021.

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Whats going on with Tre Mitchell?

haven’t heard a peep about Mitchell. No sign of UVA involvement but I think you could say that for any other school as far as I know. He’s got the whole soap opera of the former prep coach/now former UMass assistant/mom’s boyfriend thing going on. It might be messy.

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Awesome detail, thanks @HoozGotNext . Echo other sentiments where I balance between hope for high caliber commits, and nervousness that narrow focus could backfire given the number of spots to fill. Like you said though, maybe the tight lipped approach means there are others we haven’t learned of yet…

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@HoozGotNext So are former AAU teams the back channel of choice for potential transfers to vet options before hitting the portal?


Hang on, after re reading. Loaded is Adidas, aren’t State and Miami Adidas schools. Hmmm. I know he’s serious about State as the hometown school but maybe also a respectful nod to Loaded, Miami as well, before he picks a Nike school :thinking:


Often the case, yeah


I hope the NCAA figures out NIL rights before long because with the transfer portal blowing up the way it is, it creates an environment for a lot of dirty money deals.

It is recruiting on steroids. Lots of players and decisions that have to be made quickly.


Thanks for all the info! Is it common for players/recruits to follow you? Does that usually mean they are giving Virginia very strong consideration?

it’s common yeah. People tend to be curious when you’re mentioning them.

Hearing now Kessler seems unlikely. Can’t say I’m surprised.


Yeah, and the Supreme court just heard arguments in NCAA vs… somebody on player education-related compensation. If NCAA works something out on NIL rights and loses the compensation case… wow.

All the portal-related changes could be small potatoes compared to what might be coming. The portal stuff is confusing and alarming, but at heart its still basically a variation of what we’re already used to. If the compensation stuff changes like it might, it’ll genuinely be a whole different world and it could come by next off-season.


Good to know now.

Kinda glad. Would like to ride a healthy Shed. Pits more pressure on landing a tough rebounding 4 man

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Does that mean that the schools can hire a GM and CTB can focus on coaching?

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Well, now we’re fcked.

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