November VIP thread

I’m not really planning on doing any “intel reports” doing the season. But thought we’d have fresh forum threads each month to drop any nuggets that come along.


What I’ve heard on the Traudt redshirt….

I should have mentioned this before the opener, word was that Isaac had faded in the weeks leading up. .So it wasn’t surprising that he wasn’t in the rotation. He did have a minor injury but it was mostly just the usual things young bigs deal with.

They had talked with all 3 of the freshmen not named McKneely about potentially redshirting. Just laying out the pros and cons, not really trying to convince them either way. With Traudt, the reality of not playing in the opener seemed to tip the scales.

And I heard from Isaac’s dad that Bennett tried to sway him the other direction if anything, toward not redshirting. Bennett told him he thought there was a good chance he’d earn minutes as the season went along. But Isaac decided it was best to spend the year focusing on physical development, and still have 4 years to reach his goals. “100% Traudt family decision”


Wow, good to know, and should put to rest any concern that this could result in IT being unhappy and looking elsewhere because of the decision.


I was already okay with the move but now I’m actually somewhat excited about it longer term. This is the same blueprint as our last championship caliber team and not saying it’ll work out that way but you can’t deny that we’re stockpiling and staggering talent like possibly never before


That’s where I am. Hope he stays ready, that plan is an injury away from changing I’d think


I think it’s huge we have a talented 4 man class fully bought in. They fully seem to trust the process.


That was definitely worth my monthly VIP $!


This was how I interpreted the press conference yesterday. Almost seemed like Tony was trying to talk himself into the redshirt.

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Get this boy an axe, a maul, and some logs to split jay huff style.


I think it’s probably a positive that we have 2 redshirts - bit less isolating


Now I wish IMC redshirted too. Kidding! Sorta!

That makes me feel a lot better. I was and still do expect big things from him. I really didn’t understand it initially but i feel really good about it now. As excited as we all are about iMac i believe Traudt is as good if not better shooter but he needs to be able to be tough in the post and this should really help him.

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I do find it alarming that we’re still positively spinning this a bit. The choice was a) lose a year of eligibility and see the floor <100 min or b) maintain 4 years eligibility.

More than 1 way to develop a player. If he chose UNC, he’s playing double digit minutes under Davis (even Nickel is seeing the floor).

Prepared for the ire of this board but will personally let it rest at that and move on until next recruiting season (when every other competing coach will also be bringing this up)

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‘Even Nickel is seeing the floor”. 7mins a game in the non con. Ok


found it interesting that tony called him the best shooter on the team yesterday, “best…or one of the best.”


Those are meaningful minutes given the scores for a team with equal or even more experience than ours. They aren’t mop up duty minutes. And more than 0 (which would be combined minutes from Dunn / Traudt / Bond in Game 1).

I’ll be prepared to eat crow, but would take the under of 7 minutes for Dunn in any game within 10-12 points.

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What is alarming about trusting our HOF coach? I know the Tony can do no wrong stuff is annoying at times but he’s definitely earned the benefit of the doubt in situations like this and HGN literally confirmed that, if anything, TB wanted Traudt not to redshirt.


Nickel and Traudt aren’t apples to apples… Nickel is part of UNCs guard/big guard rotation… he isn’t a 4 or 5… and UNC does not seem to have the log jam we do at the 4 or 5… however I am still left wondering if we will ever have a big that can play early… Traudt is looks physically ready…but I am not at practice to see if he is getting ragdolled by Caffaro or Shed either…


I am not the least bit worried about any of these guys transferring. From every interview these guys have given in print or podcast since they signed show that they are 5 pillar guys and that they buy into what TB is selling. Bond and Dunn made references that they knew they weren’t going to play right away and that they understood and would do whatever was needed to help the team. They were coming here for development not instant gratification. I am sure they both saw the turnover that would occur after their first year. While Traudt’s redshirt caught us all by surprise he seems to possess the same qualities. Also, IM appears to be a close friend and there is no reason to believe that he isn’t loving it at UVA so far. The way the redshirt story has been presented to us made sense if he is a thoughtful young man. Even though he is a different kind of big man than TB has recruited previously it is hard to learn the defense for those guys and it takes time. Take this year and get stronger and get better on defense and next year when he adds that to his awesome offensive skills he will be ready to roll.


Didn’t he win best shooter at NBAPA camp?