One year ago today

One year ago today UVA won a National Championship by beating Texas Tech 85-77 in Overtime. It was one of the best national championship games ever. So many great moments, and everyone has some amazing memories from that night. It was the pinnacle of UVa sports, but there are so many more great moments that are yet to come. GO HOOS


It was 5 AM in the morning when we went into overtime… my wife had woken up to go to work and sat down next to me and said “oh… they are going to overtime eh?” I yelled at her to go away that she was bad luck watching since she had slept through all the games. My sister had consistently told her to sleep through all the games as good luck since she had slept through all of them already (she is a Texas graduate :-1:). When we won, I ran and woke up my three kids screaming… but none of them were happy with me because they had to get up at 7 AM for school that Tuesday morning.


All the crazy stories are what makes it even better.


Not sure if the photo has come through. I meant to post my video in MN at the buzzer when we all went crazy but it wouldn’t take. Needless to say I had some really good friends for 3 hours that night and it was fun to sing the Good Ol’ Song with them at the end. I am making it a day today and watching the Final Four and the Final. Cheers folks!


thats awesome. great hat


So we finished this year with longer winning streak than last year?

Yes… but not really. Last years was better even tho I thought we had potential to go far this year, last years ended in a national championship