Poca Dots Tshirts

Good people in Poca WVa and LRA plus merch doin the legwork. And the proceeds did some cool stuff

Thats the way it should work


Any chance i can still get one of these, size L? I know I’m late but might as well try…

Lets see. @Merch ?

Same here @Merch

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I think most are taken for the annual and monthly ViP merch plans…:i’ll let u know if there are extras

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@Merch - I still haven’t received mine (sent order for XL on March 11 through Venmo). Not a big deal, but if available I’d still like it.

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i got u @htraylor i totally missed ur venmo…shipping tmrw


Hey @Merch… I still haven’t received my shirt… I waited a while since I sent an APO address, but it’s been almost 6-weeks, so I thought I’d check in.

I sent yours first class, no tracking. So I’m sending another one now…with tracking.

Supply chain proly

If you haven’t sent yet… you can wait a few more weeks. 2-months is when they tell you to start questioning things. I was just checking something was sent.