Point Guard recruiting under CTB

I’ve heard many comment on this topic … Mostly about how it’s been a position of strength the last 13 years and that PG recruits should see the results and want to come.
A few thoughts … we haven’t had any surefire NBA level PG’s come through since Alexander … maybe Roger Mason? But maybe Roger was a combo guard?
The most talented one athletically is our current PG … maybe that changes things in those types of recruits minds? Wondering…
Really only had 4 main PG’s signed under CTB
2020 - Reece - #70
2016 - Ty ended at #44 but wasn’t highly ranked when offered or when committed.
2013 - Perrantes ended up # 147
2019 - Clark was #397
Hall and Brogdon - combo guards at best:
2013 - Hall - ended up #122
2011 - Brogdon - #98
2012 - Teven Jones - #267

Partial list of highly ranked PG or CG’s we offered and didn’t get:
2022 - London Johnson
2021 - Jalen Warley
2020 - Cade Cunningham, Caleb Love, Jeremy Roach, Dwon Odom
2019 - Nico Mannion, Josiah Jordan James, Jahmi’us Ramsey, Harlond Beverly, Symir Torrance
2018 - Darius Garland, Devon Dotson, Quickley, Quinerly, Devoe, AJ Green, Akinjo, Jared Butler, Llewellyn, Elijah Weaver, David Duke, Coby White, Aaron Wiggins, Luther Muhammad, Noah Locke, Hubb
2017 - Trae Young, Matt Coleman, Chris Lykes, Alex Barcello, Lonnie Walker
2016 - Payton Pritchard, Markell Fultz, Kobi Simmons, Andrew Jones, Curtis Jones
2015 - Isaiah Briscoe, Jalen Brunson, Jamal Murray
2014 - Alex Robinson, Devonte Graham
2013 - Tyler Ennis, Cat Barber, Rysheed Jordan, Monte Morris, Koenig
2012 - Yogi Ferrell, James Robinson
2011 - Quinn Cook, Myles Mack
2010 - Kendall Marshall, Will Barton


Thanks for putting that together. I think the implication is that UVA pgs have done well relative to their HS profiles in terms of playing time, college metrics, and professionally.

On the one hand, this sounds right to me. On the other hand, it would take hours of work to even begin to answer it analytically.


Wow I forgot about Rysheed Jordan. Unreal athlete with loads of potential at St. John’s before he went to jail for attempted murder.

I think this only emphasizes to recruits the kind of development you get as a PG for us. Of the group we landed, 4/7 have played NBA minutes, 1 transferred and 2 are still in school.


Nicely done! Thank you!

Jontel Evans wasn’t a Bennett recruit, but he came in the same time as Bennett and didn’t play under any other coaches. If you want to track development vs ranking.

Most of Sammy Zeglinsky’s time was as a combo guard for Bennett too.

Probably a few more early guys I’m forgetting.

The way I look at it, the “level” of recruiting is what it is, very hard to change…it’s more the players you choose to recruit because there are great players at all those “levels”. You just have to pick the winners.

In recruiting, you get what you show you do right by. Recruiting a PG to play in the blocker/mover offense was hard, real hard early on. London changed things, became the example that helped them get Ty which was the first time TB got a PG that he didn’t have to struggle like hell for the entire cycle. And then Ty’s success getting drafted early took it to another level where they got Reece fairly easily.

All that said, still comes down to picking winners. A school like UVa is going to recruit popular guys, they’re all “high major”.


2018 was loaded with PG talent, sheesh

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