**Positive** Transfer Portal Thread

Total 2022 Transfers To Date: 1688

Is that 1688 who’ve landed somewhere or 1688 in the portal?

Those that have entered.

So 1688 have entered and 581 have landed.


6-7 wing … would have to sit out a year … perfect


Kyle Lofton to Florida I just saw. Proly good spot for him


Thats a line up, with Golden and his analytics coaching, that could win the SEC

Was hoping he’d go to Houston. Oh well.

NIL idea: Form an unaffiliated collective that pays NIL $$ to guys to go to school based on a fan vote result. Kentucky and Auburn fans ineligible.

I’m still pissed that Luther Muhammed didn’t go play in Huggy’s defense…


I worked Luther out a few times here. We tried to get him to play in the Pack Line. Guy is a great defender

No Kentucky or Auburn votes is hilarious


Oh, cool! Forgot he was a North Jersey kid. I would’ve loved him in the packline, and he seemed to be an even better fit for a more disruptive defense (though, tbh, I think WVU may have pulled back from that).

Sure would have. Luther was overshadowed some by Jhavon and later Louise King (?). All played at Hudson Catholic. Luther and Jhavon were over here all the time. Everytime I asked Jhavon where he was going he said “UVa baby!” ha


King was really good, too. He was on that Oregon team we beat. I thought he’d make it in the league; not sure what happened.

Quinerly has had an interesting career. He basically has seemed like a pretty good journeyman PG who has thrived in the right circumstances (Bama last year), but gotten a bad rap with coaches (Jay Wright, and Nate Oats this year).

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Always assumed you were in the Jelly Fam senhor Haney


Hey wait, I messed this up. Kyle Lofton? I was thinking about big Kenny Lofton. I guess he’s still undecided.

Florida got the kid from the Bonnies? Meh. They can add him to their mid-major backcourt and have him be coached up by their mid major coach.

Big meh from me.

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Awesome!!! Let’s go Isaac!!!

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Was the missing piece. Oh well Enjoy Arkansas I guess. Also why don’t instagram pictures and videos pop up in thread messages anymore


Player Name Previous School New School Updated
Osun Osunniyi St. Bonaventure Iowa State 30m
Ricky Council IV Wichita State Arkansas 47m
Donald Carey Georgetown Maryland 1h
Tre Mitchell Texas West Virginia 3h
Roshaun Black Radford 3h
Kyle Lofton St. Bonaventure Florida 3h

Damn Tre Mitchell transferred again? Sheesh

Yeah don’t see how he thinks he’s gonna get a waiver to play immediately either. Coach (Chris Beard) wasn’t fired at previous school and he hasn’t graduated. Gonna more than likely have to sit out.

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