**Positive** Transfer Portal Thread

How many of these super-NIL transfer teams gonna implode by February? Maybe just ride your top 7 and ignore the other 7 dudes stewing on the bench. Seems… tumultuous.


I bet they’ll be fine. Arkansas was damn good last year

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Anyone want to wildly speculate on any effect on Cam?

Our future sniper


The wing I wanted. Womp

Efe Abougidi, one of those lanky Washington State bigs, was trending towards Maryland to the point where their fans were celebrating the addition and talking about how he could make them a final 4 contender. Now they are seeing other insiders on other boards involved with him all saying Efe Abougidi to the G league and are panicking/in denial.

That and they were excited about their insider saying he would put in a crystal ball confidence level 10 for Jahnathan Lamothe and them being all excited about getting a top 50 player instate only for the updated 247 rankings to drop him 80 spots to the 120s.

Basically what Im saying is Screw Maryland. Might be the wrong thread for this but oh well.


There is a formal “screw Maryland thread” but some messages are too pure to be contained.



Many thought he was UNC bound


WOW… I thought it was a done deal


A reminder that not even coaching staffs are reliable informants sometimes. The confidence was coming from UNC’s own staff which reflected in their insiders.

Unlike the Maryland insider who puffs smoke on every recruit only for their fans to continually suffer and moan.

Our starting small forward showing some more mobility

Damn hes gonna shoot 100 percent from 3 in the NBA


I am rolling right now LOL

Seems that some people in the know on the UNC board think they’re now gonna get Pete Nance instead. Obviously take that info with a grain of salt, UNC fans and insiders tend to believe they’re the favorites to land everyone.

This guy:


Larry Nance Jr’s brother. Put up okay stats at Northwestern. Can be that stretch big to pair with Bacot but also that back up 5 they are looking for and trying Styles, Puff, and Point God McKoy as that stretch 4.

Nice way of letting Maryland fans down by letting them know Efe probably g league bound. Going to “turn the heat up” on Tafara Gapare. LMAO. Dude straight up trashed College Park and they think they are a legitimate option, even with the handlers being based out of Maryland.

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