I agree. Thw basketball option may not be ideal but I think they have to play the hand they are dealt. Either option is going to put the administration into a tough position as they decide which direction to go


Yeah. Vandy would be perfect for the ACC from the ACC’s perspective, but Vandy’d lose SO much money leaving the SEC that they’d never go for it. I could see the SEC being frustrated with Vandy, but I can’t remember the last time a major conference actually kicked a school out.

However, if there’s a major realignment (which I consider really, really unlikely. I’ve heard buzz, but I kinda feel like the rumors are way ahead of what’s even plausible) and the SEC can find a way to jettison Vandy, then they’d fit well in the ACC. But that’s the only way I could see it happening and that seems wildly unlikely.


I don’t think media markets matter so much anymore. If the SEC wants to add UNC and UVA to get the SEC Network in Charlotte, triangle, 757, Richmond and DC, well, the SEC network is already carried in those markets. They’re not getting new subscriber money, they’re getting more eyeballs and ad money, but that pales in comparison to subscriber fees.

Also, people are dropping cable packages all over the place. I’m not sure traditional cable with packages and channels you don’t watch getting forced on you along with the channels you do watch make it out of this decade. Cable might be dead in 5 years with streaming gaining ground. Now instead of comparing how many people in a market the addition of a school would add to a channel’s subscriber base, the question might be how many people care enough about a school to buy a streaming service for your network just to watch that team. That doesn’t have to be limited to the immediate market size.

Notre Dame doesn’t just get you into Indianapolis and Chicago, it gets you people from all over the country getting Hulu+ or YTTV just to watch the domers.


I hope y’all don’t think I’m being too negative, but it would suck to be in the big ten.


It would definitely suck. I love being in the ACC and hope the conference figures it out. But if things implode (which still seems very unlikely), I’d rather be in the BIG than the SEC.


I feel like you’re being too positive about that.

Send FSU and Clemson to the SEC, bring in Vandy Kentucky and South Carolina. Bring in Maryland and maybe Rutgers (they have pulled their sports program together from the mud somewhat). Send BC and Syracuse back to the Big east. idk what you do with notre dame. They probably should be in the B1G or Big East basketball/B1G football

BC is in Boston area sure but they still only pull like 30 viewers anyways

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Sorry but from an overall standpoint, the B1G would be better. Us and UNC in that conference would be fantastic. The $ flowing to the University from both athletics and from research grants would be amazing. Duke would probably come along just to dump on Northwestern and FSU would probably have to as well since the SEC is never letting them in (UF would not go for it in my mind).


You guys (pc = people) probably are already familiar with this but what the hell. I cut/pasted below a paragraph from a Matt Harris - SBNation article. I don’t know anything about this subject but found the below numbers fascinating.

“It isn’t surprising either. The Big 12 paid out between $38 million and $42 million for member schools in the 2019 fiscal year. The Big 10 paid member schools $55.6 million and the SEC paid out $45.3 million to its schools. Every “power 5” conference has its own television network other than the Big 12, which has Big 12 Now behind an ESPN+ paywall. The financial benefits to be reaped by jumping to the SEC could be the main reason for this potential move.”


$5M is a lot of money to get every year, but I’d expect some serious hassles over legal battles with the B12, along with serious scheduling and marketing disruptions. The $15M/year of moving to the B1G seems like it’d be worth it, but I’m not sure $5M would be.

Edit - I’m guessing the ACC pays out like $25M?

Probably like $37,780 per year along with half off at Raising Canes on Wednesdays for ADs.

(In all seriousness, I saw one article say in 2019-20 it was something like $32 million per school)


Yeah this is tough as we don’t want to be the next UCONN who was tops in BBall and then created a FBALL team to only have that dissolve. UConn is an after thought in basketball now because they no longer have the Big East teams like Syracuse etc…but also their coaching isn’t good even with some good players.

We could also become Villanova…however Football is popular in the South so the state of Virginia needs to have some teams for the social currency of it all.


Long as they throw in a Bojangles family pack and a mess of Booberry biscuits it’s a win in my view


I agree. Just as Roach K retires and we can become Kings of the ACC for a couple of decades then we could be realigned to the Big 10 with their Brutish play or the SEC with all of those athletes…Naw- I’d rather us be the Kings of a storied conference than just being in the top 1/4 as we’ve been with dook and UNC (although we’ve been winning). A change in conference likely means a changing of how we play as well- just as we’ve figured out the ACC over the past 5 years.

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Unfortunately it isn’t driven by basketball. But even ACC basketball will suffer if the conference continues falling further and further behind financially.


Add notre dame. Navy for football as a favor to the Irish and UConn for all other sports. Done.

BC’s going to be a hard no vote on UConn after they sued BC to keep them from joining the ACC. I think you need 3/4s of the schools to vote yes so 4 votes kills a school. Duke and Carolina were solid no votes against any expansion past Miami in 2005, can’t remember how they voted in 2014. BC might be able to get Syracuse’s vote too.

My long time fanfic for a 16th if ND football joins for a 15th is Navy football/Georgetown all other sports.

4 pods, play the other 3 teams in your pod every year, play 4 games against another pod on a rotating basis and play 1 team from each of the other 2 pods. 9 game schedule, you play every school at least once every 3 years. Top 2 pod winners play each other in the championship.

UNC-Duke-NC State-Wake
Miami-FSU-Clemson-GT (might want to break this one up so the football powers aren’t too concentrated)
UVA-VT-Navy-ND (so ND-Navy happens every year)
Louisville-Pitt-Syracuse-BC (maybe you swap Syracuse-BC with Clemson-GT for better balance, to hell with geography)

You could use the same pods in basketball. Home and home vs your pod. Play everyone else 1 time. That’s 18 games. You could rotate a home and home vs another pod for 22 or home and home vs 1 team from each of the other pods based on prior year standings for 21 games.


I’ve clearly spent too much time thinking about this.


Better idea. 4 pods. A B C D. Play everyone else in your pod and everyone in another pod on a rotating basis. 7 games. For game 8 you play the same place team in one of the pods you didn’t already play. The 2 winners of the 1v1 matchups play in the championship game.

Year 1 - A and B teams play a round robin and C and D teams do the same. Week 8 the 1st place A team plays the 1st place C team, 2nd A vs 2nd C, etc… 1st B vs 1st D, etc. winners of A-C 1st place game plays winner of B-D 1st place game.

Year 2 - A and C, B and D. Week 8 is A vs D and B vs C.

Year 3 - A and D, B and C. Week 8 is A vs B and C vs D.

I haven’t worked out how to decide on home teams for week 8 so each team alternates home and away every other year. Hmm…a 6 year cycle maybe.

Y1 - A@C, B@D
Y2 - D@A, C@B
Y3 - A@B, C@D
Y4 - C@A, D@B
Y5 - A@D, B@C
Y6 - B@A, D@C

But how do you avoid B and C playing at home 3 years in a row and then on the road 3 years in a row?

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This is a similar way the NFL works.