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Transfer recruiting has gone quiet. At least for the moment, the coaching staff has turned the focus back to the 2022 class and even identifying potential recruits for 2023. There were a lot of warmup AAU events over the weekend. That’ll continue to be the case for the next month or so. While coaches can’t attend, they can still talk to people there and every game is filmed.

The expectation is they’d still like to add one more up front for next year. Preferably an athletic combo or power forward. But nothing is completely off the table. It’s all player by player. The vibe I get is they’re evaluating where things are now with Gardner on board and Murphy probably headed for the NBA, figuring out the plan from here.

Siena transfer Jalen Pickett would probably have been UVA’s guard if Armaan Franklin hadn’t committed. There’s still interest in him anyway. I’ve tried running several other names through the usual network, the answer is always “not sure yet”. Chances are our guy is someone we haven’t heard tied to UVA, if he’s out there.

Efton Reid is supposed to announce soon. I think most of you know this but I get asked all the time. He’s not coming to UVA. They haven’t recruited him in a long while. I’ve heard of five different schools in the running now. Pitt LSU Ohio State Maryland and FSU. So who knows where he’s going.


Wagner (TX) point guard Austin Nunez is nearing a decision. UVA and Arkansas are the main players. While I think sooner is definitely possible, someone that knows them told me today he expects it to go down around June. Which is perfect. For those that haven’t followed recruiting in normal times like we’re about to return to, coaches want decisions from their early targets before the July live periods so they know what they need to find. Nunez and his parents quietly visited Charlottesville back in late February.

It’s already been reported, Grand Island (NE) forward Isaac Traudt is planning to come on an official visit to UVA in June. Isaac McKneely hopes to be there too. That’s been the plan for a long time. I mentioned it when McKneely committed. Just waiting on the dead period to be lifted. He’s the one guy they have no doubts about and 100% want, the clear top target. Keep in mind that counts as a junior year visit. When the calendar flips in August, he could come back for another official visit as a senior.

The top priority seems to be identifying big men. One that’s turned heads is Braden Huff, skilled lefty out of Illinois. Still in contact with Kyle Filipowski from NY but that seems like one that’s too far along with others in my opinion. We’re looking more for the stock climbers, less cemented recruitments. Noah Clowney out of SC had a big weekend, they’ll look into him. Patrick Wessler, a 7 footer from NC, a definite blowup candidate is getting attention.

What you’ll notice is those are all centers, which fits with the plan/hope of adding another needed power forward this Spring. If not, it could be on the '22 agenda in addition to a center and Traudt. Maliq Brown out of Blue Ridge could factor into that.

What’s becoming clear is they could be dreaming even bigger than we thought for 2022. All depending on what happens with further additions this Spring, we could be looking at a potential 6-man class if everything falls right. In fact, I think that is the hope. It’s just that exactly which type of player would be added to the agenda will be determined by what they may get this Spring. A potential 6th recruit would either be another guard or an athletic power forward.

Combo guard Tyson Commander is one they want to see more of after a big run in the Baltimore Catholic League playoffs. While scouting Braden Huff, they took notice and contacted his teammate 6’5 sharpshooter Jaden Schutt. If you’re looking for a sign of hope for them to stick with local product Justin Taylor, well there you go. He and Schutt are pretty similar.


So wait, Murphy likely returning now?

If UVa somehow could pull Traudt and Nunez by the end of June, this board is gonna be popping. And right now that seems like a real possibility.

One name I guess that would be in a holding pattern now would be Klintman. If UVa can add the right 3/4 with eligibility more than a couple years, probably would no longer be a big need.


editing to word better, sorry…meant most likely gone.

6 man recruiting class makes sense given Traudt isn’t likely to be here all 4 years if he comes along with transfers as well.

Also means any Murphy replacement would probably have to be guaranteed gone by 2022-23 to make way for that class to get some playing time.

Just talking to someone on the top 100 camp voting committee. He does expect to have it this June in Charlottesville, but nothing is for certain.


Patrick Wessler highlights

Noah Clowney Highlights

Braden Huff highlights

Tyson Commander highlights

Jaden Schutt highlights


Very easy to look at Wessler and see Mason Plumlee.

I like Commander. He’s fearless. Reminds one of a slightly bigger Seth Allen.

Commander is easily my favorite out of the bunch. I like clowney but I am just biased towards lanky rim protectors who can shoot and are bouncy.

Is Commander a pg @HoozGotNext ?


Commander is a legit combo. Probably projects as a 2 in college but it would also be an acceptable alternative to a PG in '22.

To add to this…there are 2 tiers of '22 recruits. The 3 spots + McKneely they’ve been recruiting for and 100% intend to get. And then the maybes, which are trickier depending what happens with the late cycle. Part of the appeal for someone like Commander is he might be agreeable to redshirting. You’re not taking 6 guys that expect to play right away.


I’ve never been able to tell whether having it in CVille helps or hurts. On the one hand, we get a bunch of guys here on essentially a free visit. On the other hand, we can’t really give them a proper tour/visit, and they may not priotize coming back again later for one because they’ve already been to CVille.

Also possible it has zero effect either way I guess.


Got it. Commander’s highlights impress me a lot. Of course everyone looks good in their highlights, but in terms of his skillset and what he brings to the table its mucho bueno.

The top 100 camp doesn’t make much difference. Sort of lost some of the luster too because it’s usually held the same week as USA tryouts. The cream doesn’t come anymore. But all of our media people love it. lol Everything there gets a UVA slant. And now that college coaches get to come you get the celebrity factor.


Yeah I liked Clowney too. I’m always game for an Atkins type center. It’s an especially valuable role with a Traudt / Huff (Jay or Braden) type player skill wise as your other big / combo forward / whatever.

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Yeah thinking about it someone like Kyle Filipowski in my mind is actually the same position as traudt, especially since Traudt is reported 6’10 (so probably 6’9). Traudt next to a rim protector like Ballo (Kadin will be gone after 2022-23 me thinks) maybe or down the line a developed Clowney would be fun. Can run both traditional sets and 5 out

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Is there any hesitancy from UVA side on Nunez or still a full go?

WOW! A 6 man class! I can’t wait to read the message boards in 2026 complaining that TB didn’t recruit anyone any good in 2023 and 2024.


Full go as far as I know. Kind of thing that could change at any time. They’re watching him, that’s for sure.


Mamadi 2.0


A 6 man class? That seems like a really, really, really bad idea.

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