Rewatch Villanova Game from 2017 with London Perrantes VIP ONLY

The Video is now uploading. This is the first of our rewatch series. As part of VIP, you get to actually watch the game. We took the condensed game footage added commentary.

Also, as this is a VIP benefit, please do not share this link. If shared, it will likely get removed. So make sure to keep it here on this embed.


still uploading but the video is here:


That’s great stuff. I clicked for a peek and wound up watching it all.

Tw: Mark how excited are you that Ty hit three 3s in the 1st half?

Mark: Honestly I was pissed that he missed the other one.


LOL. Hopefully everyone can access it with their VIP logins. If you are having problems, please let us know. I know it didn’t work for me on Safari-mac, but did work on safari-iphone and on Mac - chrome…