Ryan Dunn recaps his visit

all wrong. he is waiting for some sign yall


This could be his sign…


Is there a scholarship available?

Depending on what Clark, Stattmann, and/or Gardner decide to do if they are invited to return for their bonus year, there are up to three scholarships available. And this presumes no other premature attrition.

Why? Respectfully, I believe the answer is investment of time and messaging for future recruits. CTB is the closer - his time is worth something and he’s made his pitch to close. Message to future recruits, our offers mean something (unlike Tek’s). De-valuing the offer by thinking about a visit to OK St or Georgetown after three visits to high majors when the other visits aren’t locked in, then move on. Not a burned bridge, but we have things in recruiting we need to do in order to win, so we are now doing those things. It doesn’t cost anything to let the offer sit, but Dunn may find himself without a spot when it’s time to commit.

Here I made a sign.


Interesting position. There’s probably a spot, but as of this moment and the foreseeable future, there is not. Hmmmmm

4 years are promised by the school - not 5. Leaving is assumed after playing 4 years.

Except, as I believe HGN mentioned, any 5th yr who wants the extra yr has it…

BTW…I don’t believe Dunn will be paying for a full scholarship…



“Except, as I believe HGN mentioned, any 5th yr who wants the extra yr has it…”

I have very serious doubts that all three 4th yearmen will return for a fifth year!

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I doubt it as well, pretty sure HGN said the opportunity was there if they wanted it though…

Tony had never over offered more scholarships than spots available. He already knows at least one is gone


Thank you. After watching that 1:42 of Dunn highlights, I’ve now seen 2:12 of Dunn highlights.

I’ve seen more footage of samsquanches then I have of Ryan Dunn.


Yesterday, I said Kyle Guy, but for his defense I’m going with Marial Shayok (the good parts). Gadget arms plus a decent instinct for the ball. Plus he has a Shayok-ian bambi on ice moment at the end of the first vid.


I see the Guy on the lift to his J for sure. But man Kyle was just so so smooth


True true. I was gonna ask if any amateur shot doctors had thoughts on the shot. Looks good to me, but far from Guy’s, for sure.

The last highlights posted here that look like HS games Dunn is catch and square up then lift. Very fundamentally sound. Kyle was fly off screens lift catch shoot in 1 motion. ha