Ryan Dunn Update

I know we’ve had some issues with VIP access.
Here is a little exclusive sneak peak at the Ryan Dunn Podcast.


Going to be an awesome Hoo to watch. Great interview and above all seems like a top quality person.

Also JA would be an excellent recruiter if he ever took a position at UVA.


Loved this Podcast! 1st, I can’t say enough about Justin and his interviewing skills & humanistic persona! I agree he would be a great recruiter for UVA and/ or great in some kind of sports media coverage as well. Mad props and respect. 2nd, WOW! Ryan Dunn seems to have character for days and I am truly looking forward to seeing him play at JPJ and watching him with Leon and IsaacSquared! :slight_smile: So looking forward to the 2022 recruiting class and hyped about what they will do at UVA! Wahoowa!


Just listened and man this class is impressive. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a 3+ man class where every member is this mature and comfortable giving an interview as high schoolers! Any one of them would be comfortable as the next face of the program.