Stay or go decisions

I was going to wait until this weekend and do a VIP recruiting post and mix some of this in. But reading the room, this is what people care about today. So here’s what I’ve heard on what to expect. Some recapping mixed in from the other VIP thread.

  1. The seniors will all move on. I don’t think any of them ever considered staying.

  2. Morsell of course is transferring. No meeting was needed for that. He had made up his mind. From what I’m hearing, he fully intends to stay at the high major level. I’ve heard 3 schools tied to him. Big East, Big 12, SEC.

  3. There’s one other player that’s likely to transfer. And a couple more that are believed to be on the fence. I know you want names but that’s all I feel comfortable saying right now.

  4. Kihei Clark isn’t transferring.

  5. I don’t know anything new about Trey Murphy. As Zach mentioned in the other thread, he supposedly has assurances about being drafted and is probably a lot higher on real boards than the media mock drafts. It’ll be a close call.


Oh my. We looking at 2017 or worse next year?


Any idea of timeline for announcements? Is rhe NBA running normal combine camps etc this yr? And when?


I heard the name likely to go and it’s not the rumor I heard floating. Since it’s out, I heard Clark, that’s what surprised me. If it’s true on the likely name, Bennett is gonna get crucified.

We’ll get @brogdonfanpage on the NBA stuff. I have no idea. Transfers should be known within the next couple weeks. Always a possibility additions lead to another one later, sometimes that’s how it goes. The first step with Trey, does he even test the waters or jump straight in with both feet?


I don’t think the NBA has even set a draft date yet. Their season is running longer though (into first week of July) so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the draft closer to August. Could make testing the waters a little more tricky just because of the timing. Haven’t seen anything at all on the workouts process yet but wouldn’t expect it to be normal. Probably a lot of virtual and individual workouts.


Guess it comes down to how reliable the sources are. If he’s got gutanteed first rounder talk then go all in and jump. I’m less worried about the transfers more wondering when to expect the chatter to quiet down

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Any word yet on if they’re farther in than just reaching out with any potential transfers in? Or will this be in your recruiting update over the weekend?

Okay that’s what I was thinking i hadn’t heard anything. But if the draft is pushed to Aug. Thst almost eliminates guys from testing then pulling out as they’d be near or on campus by then. Cant imagine the nba does anything before the season ends


Way we’ve heard it, Trey just has a 2nd round guarantee from someone. I don’t think there’s much doubt he’d be picked anyway.

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That lines up with what I’ve heard. Need to check in with my scouting guy

Yea I’ll just re-emphasize here. His stock is much higher in the league than it is from the outside. Its understood he’s a lottery type talent and teams would be licking their chops to grab him as a later pick this year and give him a year to bulk up and develop. NGL tho the team(s) I heard aren’t what I’d call appealing as an organization development wise but it makes sense that they’d want to take a chance on someone like him

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Yeah the draft/deadline is going to be very tricky this year. Hate it for all the guys involved… imo too many guys enter the draft every year but it could really bite the ones who maybe shouldn’t have this year.

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Been hounding a few folks but it’s messy. Not serious with anyone yet. Most of the names tied to them are definitely dead ends and/or very thin interest. Takes a little time to figure things out.

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Completely understand number 3 and not wanting to say more. But could you enlighten us with what the decision timeframe may be for annoucements?

There’s no definite timeframe for players to decide to transfer but I’d expect they’ll all be known within the next two weeks at most. Next week more than likely.


That totally makes sense. It’s a tough call land in the wrong spot and you may not get the opportunity or resources to develop and reach that full potential.

If Trey leaves and the staff kinda knows that is where he is leaning, would they ask him to make it known so they address the spot?

If he’s leaving and he knows it I’d imagine he make it known nothing to gain from sitting on it. Literally taking money out of his own pocket


Yeah they’ll know what’s going on with Murphy soon. And I suspect we will too even if not officially. If he stays in to test for long at all, he’s probably coming back. I had a convo with Kyle Guy’s dad about this subject when he made his decision. There’s a big difference in what players are allowed to do in that testing lane as compared to the guys fully in the draft.