The best player by jersey number from ESPN

They completely forgot about Bryant Stith and put in Lephonso Ellis…WOW

20. Gary Payton, Oregon State (1986-90)
See also: Chris Mullin (St. John’s, 1981-85); Greg Oden (Ohio State, 2006-07); Allan Houston (Tennessee, 1989-93); LaPhonso Ellis (Notre Dame, 1988-92); Gordon Hayward (Butler, 2008-10).

Oregon State went to three NCAA tournaments during Payton’s career in Corvallis, and since his departure the program has heard its name called on Selection Sunday only once (in 2016). “The Glove” carries a reputation as one of the best defensive guards the game has ever seen, yet Payton is also OSU’s all-time leader in both points and assists.