The future of College Football

Check out this lengthy article on the future of ‘big time’ college football - touches on a couple of options, including splitting of D1-A into “pros and amateurs” which has been discussed here previously…

Some of the headlines: Future of College Football

How will the highest level of college football be structured in the future?

‘You would instinctively, I think, want to blow it all up’

So where would be the theoretical cutline between the haves and have-nots?

With European soccer as a guide, the end of the Super League could also be informative when applying the possibility to college football

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Really enjoyed that read.

“Somebody could give Middle Tennessee State a $100 million for 10 straight years and you know what? They’re not going to be a top-25 football program,” Ridpath continued. “They’re still going to be $100 million behind. What Middle Tennessee should be doing is figuring out where they can afford, and sustain, and actually compete for a championship at the level that they’re capable of, and that’ll mean more for the school than trying to be something they’re not.”

Is the most spot on takeaway I had from the piece. Some schools are going to lose their ass trying to keep up and end up in some crazy upside positions. The Miami experiment backed by crypto 2022 thing ever and is absolutely high risk high reward at the the extreme.