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IMac update please?


In practice does Leon Bond spend more time with the guards or the bigs?


When will we see Bond and Dunn play at the same time?

How are the Red shirts looking in practice?


How surprised are coaches at our 3 ball prowess (should we expect it to continue)? Do they think Bond has the ability to join that 3 ball party?

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How much focus in practice is going into defensive rebounding after the Florida game? What specifically are they doing to fix it?

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Is he doing the scout for Wisconsin- and what are they focused on in that matchup?

Is it going to post on Apple Podcasts or any other podcast app this week? Not expecting it to do so live, of course, but I would like to be able to listen with a more reliable app than YouTube


Echo @Hoos9412, would be great to get LRA shows back on the podcast apps. Appreciate all the work that goes into this stuff

Q for J-Willy: What’s a podcast? (This is a joke, but if it gets asked, so be it :wink:)

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In your years with UVa hoops (player or coach), who does Bond’s game most remind you of?


Do you expect Bond to get more playing time in the future or will it just be matchup related?

And is it true that you instigated Tony at the end of the Florida game? Just kidding

  1. For Mark: what was it like with Kobe in the portal. And how is Austin Williford’s recruitment going/how is it different as a coach vs a recruit’s parent. Is Austin more of a guard or a wing?

  2. If you could add one type of role player to this team (shooter, playmaker, rim protector, etc.) what would it be? Maybe a better way to ask this is what is a skillset this team is missing?

  3. Are there lineups where we could see Leon Bond and Jacob Groves pair up at the 3/4 with how they compliment each other? Like how the Australian FIBA team had Matisse Thybulle and Joe Ingles playing off of each other?

  4. Given the season Louisville is having, do you think Nolan Smith has reconsidered his opinion on “system” coaches? And what is with this trend of schools playing their stud scoring guard as a pg? Justin Moore at Villanova, Miles Kelly at GT, Terrance Shannon Jr at Illinois, etc.


Our apple podcast feed has not been updating, we cant seem to figure out why…. Fresh said to take out the cartridge and blow on it…but that’s not working.

Our Spotify feed seems to be updating though. We’ll add it there…


Damn kid’s bedtime interfering with my JWilly time


Appreciate it!!

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Lol at JWilly saying the crowd won’t give Cory a hard time tomorrow

Announcers are right in front of the student’s section, and most of those kids have no clue who Cory Alexander is except for “the guy who tried to screw us over”. They’re gonna be all over him


Assuming JWilly didn’t give an update on iMac?

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Said he is getting 4-5 times treatment per day with Ethan. And TB and Ethan will decide when he is ready