The Limiting Factors UVA Must Overcome This Season

Let’s not get it mixed. This is a very good basketball team with talented players and a great staff.

That said, it’s clear that there are a number of limiting factors UVA has to overcome to reach its full potential this season.


I know that was meant to be largely optimistic but that was a tough read


Lol yea was a slog to write too


This should help


Ok… let me get this straight… our newcomers are playing competently on defense now but we just can’t get stops like we did last year…agreed

On offense… our guards play to their weaknesses in predictable fashion for large minutes and that allows teams to play the easiest man to man there is… switching while sagging off on Kihei our most ball dominant player and daring him to shoot 3’s which he statistically does not shoot at a high enough percentage to win us games or warrant defenders to play up on him…watching beek run around looking for screens is comical…all leading to 5v3 basketball…agreed…

All this sounds so sad and frustrating


Potential for a run all comes down to the conversations the coaches are having right now. If their private opinions match up with Tony and J Willy’s public comments about the issues being defense and toughness we don’t have much of a chance. If that is just coach speak and behind the scenes they realize what actually changed is the offense disappeared and they are concentrating on fixing that then a run is possible. Tony loves to say offense comes and goes. Well, it was gone for the entire month of February so it would be a hell of a time for it to come back.