This year vs. last year + Sam

Didnt Ty and Dre have eligibility too? Shit same woulda been a spot player maybe hahahah


hah fact, no way he was beating out Dre for a spot.


At that point you go jumbo- Ty Guy Hunter Hauser Mamadi

Dre might be stretching it a bit too far lol but Ty-Kyle-Sam-Braxton-Mamadi might’ve been an okay group

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Come on man we are all dreaming here. I mean CTB coulda taken the year off and chilled with The Dawg Pound his real dream


Seems the basic choice is newbs Trey/Reece or 5th-yr SR Mamadi/Braxton. Everyone else is pretty much the same. No brainer to me.


Add Sam to last years team and you still have the guard problem.


What was the guard problem last year that got solved this year? There is relief for Kihei, but we didn’t suffer with him bringing the ball up the court and I’m not sure the guy ever gets tired. Frankly, I thought he was making better decisions with last year’s team. Mamadi and Key both had inside and outside games, making them harder to guard and better targets for Kihei. Reece is a good defender but last year’s team was a much better defensive group.

Edit: maybe I misunderstood and you meant we still have a guard problem this year with the shooting.

Thats one thing people dont realise or consider enough. Those guys are all tired. Some, like Kihei, dont show it but if you play 35 plus minutes all the time you are playing with injuries and tired

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Yes, everyone faces fatigue late in the season. Some guys endure it better and some have a higher threshold. I remember Bennett addressing fatigue a few years ago and how he had to manage it, but he mentioned that it wasn’t an issue for Kyle Guy because he had such a high threshold and just didn’t get tired like others do.

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I think we forget some of the struggles last year. Key was not an outside threat. He shot 18.5% on 3-pointers. Mamadi was a solid 36% but he didn’t shoot many…fewer than 2 attempts per game. Kihei’s turnover issues were worse last year. He averaged 3.5 turnovers per game, compared to 2.3 this year.

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Neither Key nor Diakite were as good as Murphy from 3, that’s for sure. Some of it for Key was his wrist injury I believe. But both of those guys were credible enough shooters to command defensive pressure, and both of this guys had mid-level and at-the-rim game. Just that sheer diversity of game could keep a defense on its heels and guessing a bit. Both of those guys could crash the glass too. I won’t pretend we were an offensive juggernaut last year, but add Hauser to that team and it takes on a dimension they lacked. But what this year’s team would give to have Mamadi/Braxton on the offensive and defensive end. We’d have lived in the Top 10 all year, probably top 5.

If this were true Braxton would be a huge addition to this year’s team. Unfortunately I don’t believe it is. He was bad from three and struggled at the rim. I see no reason teams wouldn’t just give him the Reece treatment. So the question would become how much would his defense and rebounding help vs. how much would he hurt this year’s offense? Could come down to whether Tony would play Braxton, Trey, Sam, and Jay all at the same time.

Obviously Mamadi would completely change the floor of this team and solve most of our defensive issues without hurting the offense.

Yes, this. The offense wasn’t just kinda bad last year, it was #215-#230 nationally bad depending on where you looked. Even if you just looked at the late-season winning streak, the offense only got up to #155-160 in the nation. Now that was good enough to get the team to be playing at a top-25 level rather than a top-40 level during the last 10ish games of the season because the defense was so good, but they still struggled offensively.


Still, the original premise was last year’s team + Hauser vs this year’s team. The primary difference between those two teams would be trading Diakite/Key and their 5th-yr/Final 4 experience for Murphy/Beekman in their first year at UVa. That’s 23.6 pts/14.2 rebs/2.4 asst/1.9 blk per game to 16.1 pts/6.4 reb/4.2 ast./0.8 blk, not to mention two guys that could provide elite defense in the post or on the perimeter. I’d bet a week’s salary that Aluma doesn’t go 29/10 vs Diakite, not even close - I think a handful of the outstanding performances from opposing bigs don’t happen vs Diakite/Key. I understand there are some lineup adjustments to get Hauser on the floor of last year’s team, but I’d rather have that depth and experience.

Last year’s team was 23-7 to this year’s 15-5, but they had really figured some things out by this time last year, winning 8 in a row and 11 of 12, three of those wins (and the one loss) against Top 10 teams.

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Yea I understand that the OP was I just thought you were transitioning to adding those guys to this year. Guess I misread you. A similar question if we limit to last year though. Would we actually play Braxton, Sam, Mamadi, and Jay together? How much either team would improve essentially comes down to how willing our staff would be to play Braxton at the 2.

At that point I think Jay woulda lost out on minutes. It hasn’t been covered a ton but he’s made a big leap this yr. Mamadi woulda been perfect at the five and then brax can cover the better of the opposing teams’ 3 or 4 and hide sam on the other while playing sam as the 3 on offense.


Yea makes sense. In that case I think if we ignore the cheat code level guys (Brogdon and Hunter) Devon Hall is the guy who would make the biggest impact on each team. Both teams sorely lack a 2 who can defend, dribble, and shoot. Hall’s size would be an added bonus. Add him to either year and I think the team is fighting for a 1 seed.

But to the OP Sam definitely would’ve helped the offense last year.

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Mr Jerome, Mr Guy and Mr Gill should be on that cheat code level too. All three made a First Team All Colonies impact.

So flat