TJ Power Watch

The article by Travis Graf for me has an optimistic feel to it. Compared to what he said about others gives me reason to continue to be hopeful… Heres the link to the article.

Me when I saw the thread title:
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Me when I opened it to see it was just a repost of an article from yesterday:
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I hear TJ power likes Pateks but Scheyer said if he comes to Duke he will get 3 Omega Seamasters. CTB offered a Seiko and a bag of chips. Latecomer UNC is trying to convince him that Breitling is in for a resurgence


Seiko is the only name I recognize in that post. That’s how I roll.


I dunno about Duke and Omegas…as douchey as they are, I imagine they offer only Hublots…


Richard Mille? Royal Oak?

AP Royal Oaks are class. Richard Mille looks gaudy, but it is class…


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I imagine Tony as a Vacheron Constantin. IYKYK type of understated class only serious watch nerds appreciate…

I peg Tony as a heart rate monitor kinda guy.


After reading 247 boards of Duke and UNC I have decided that there has never been a recruit i want as bad as TJ Power. On both boards they talked about how it was down to them. Duke or UNC…They talk like they are the only 2 that matters to Power. Other than a insult to UVA the only mention of the other schools was by a Carolina fan i believe. He said that he wanted to thank BC.UVA and Iowa for playing. He was implying that they didn’t have a chance. Both teams are arrogant as hell. Needless to say i will now drop a bag, buy a car or do whatever it takes to have Power commit to UVA.


I nominate Dougie Fresh to deliver the bag!!!


I also remind myself that Power is the oldest kid in his class playing mostly against guys 12-19 months younger than him…. He may look better than he is.


Have Fresh set it up


We’re gunna act like a 1 year difference is that big of a deal with 17 and 18 year olds?

Over here acting like he’s Danny almonte


Blast from the past. Well played

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The problem is, until proven otherwise they are correct. We don’t matter. We haven’t mattered in a recruiting battle with Duke for a long time and when we did it was rare. We have barely mattered against UNCheat.

I hope this one changes that narrative. I’d love to dunk on them, but I’m not going to get invested in it because I’ve experienced Lucy pulling the football up at the last moment too many times.


Not the order I was hoping for, nor expecting…

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It makes sense - Duke is Duke, and in his Rivals interview he gushes over Fran.


Lol they list him as being 6’10 - in what world

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