Top 5 scorers in conference?

Best guesses for the top 5 scorers in the ACC this year. Also, do you think anyone can average 20 ppg?

My top 5:

  1. Hinson
  2. Flip
  3. RJ Davis
  4. PJ Hall
  5. Judah Mintz or Sean Pedulla

They play on teams that won’t get as much attention as some others but I expect Damari Monsanto and Miles Kelly to put up big numbers this year.

I actually think Monsanto could lead the league in scoring, especially with the way Wake plays. Just look at what Williams and Appleby did down there the last two years. Monsanto is next in line.

Nigel Pack is also probably a good bet to put up some lofty numbers with Wong and Miller having moved on.


Good call. One writer ,last year, called Monsanto the best catch and shoot player in the country. Coach Forbes said last week that Monsanto was no where near ready from his injury. It could take him a while. He did say that Sallis had a great summer - he may be the next team leader like the last 2 that you mentioned. Ituka is out for the year. I thought he could have possibly been that guy.

I do like Pack. In fact I have him at number 10. Coach L said ,last week, that Wooga was in line to take Wong’s minutes and points. He also thinks he will be in position for an all conference type season. Poplar is listed as the ACC breakout player of the year according to the almanac.

Excellent call on Kelly.


Two issues with this from my perspective. One, I am more interested in who the best all-around players are. Scoring is obviously important, but if they can’t play defense and excel at the intangibles then I don’t want them. AND at Virginia if a player isn’t at least competent on defense they aren’t going to remain on the floor long.

Two, I don’t think 5 is a good number simply because there are too many guys who are clustered at the top; 10 seems more appropriate to me.

I think Nigel Pack has to be in the top 10. He averaged 13+ppg last season, if my memory is accurate. With Wong and Miller gone that is going to be significantly higher, I expect. I would also add Bacot, Girard, and – Hoo knows! – perhaps IMac. I think you are correct that Pedulla may be there as well.

One last point, I think P.J. Hall should be higher on the list. He is a beast and is perhaps the biggest asset to Clemson.


Conference should be a lot of fun this year. Duke is the clear favorite but beyond that lots of teams have (on paper) improved from last year.