Transfer tidbits

A little nugget here that I’m not positive what to make of and a recap of things from down the last thread for those that missed the follow ups.

Tanner Groves and his brother Jacob from Eastern Washington are doing a tour visits on their own this week. UVA was initially planned to be part of that. We’ve found out that’s changed. They’re still coming to see VT and then some stops in the midwest, but not to Charlottesville.

That’s pretty interesting because it implies UVA has backed away from Tanner. He had already gone through some of the preliminary admissions process, just to find out which programs he could transfer into. So there was some heavy interest from his side. Something seems to have changed here. Hopefully it relates to another recruit and not just a shift in strategy.

Talking to UVA folks, the one thing that comes through loudest is they’re after quality instant impact guys when it comes to any upperclassmen. It’s a patch job, not a roster rebuild, that’s the message.

Door is open for Charleston Southern guard Phlandrous Fleming He’s supposed to announce on Sunday. I don’t know where he’s going. He might not yet. Either way, we should know about Armaan Franklin first. Very doubtful they’d get both.

Out of the running

UVA is no longer in the mix for UNC transfer Walker Kessler. Looks like Gonzaga or staying at UNC. Noah Locke is down to three. Louisville and a pair of Big East schools. I don’t think UVA really tried.


I’m hoping this just means we’ve gotten some good Gardener news


Stating the obvious: they must feel good about Gardner if they’re backing off Groves. Hope that’s the case at least

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I’m ok w the Groves news, always wondered if he could guard ACC bigs although he sure could hel on O… Hope this means what we think it does.


Hope the Groves tidbit is a sign of good news and not that he like insisted he and his brother were a package deal and we balked. Although I’m assuming that’s not the case if he was already looking at our admissions solo.

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…and we’re fcked

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Gardner top five dropped: Miami, Arkansas, LSU, nc state and UVa


Bags, bags, bags, bags, us.


With Kansas as the fifth cashing in their Money in the Bank brief case I assume?

Hmmm no Tennessee


Is that 4 adidas schools and us for a player from an Adidas AAU team? To be fair we did get Mamadi from Loaded, but still…

Won’t get bummed out as others about missing on Gardner if it doesn’t happen, but more bummed out about not making Noah Gurley’s top 8 or closing out on an active athletic 4 who can shoot the three (the name I obnoxiously bring up is Toumani outta Georgia).

Edit: NVM Arkansas and LSU are Nike. Different dirty

I would really hope 21 year olds aren’t still deciding based off which brand sponsored their AAU program.


Groves obviously went off on Kansas. McCormack 22 points was able to do whatever he wanted inside though. Make of that what you will for Groves defense. I expect one of two things happened. He heard somebody else was coming or found out some part of his credits won’t transfer here. I know we have several people on the board that can tell us how likely option 2 is.

Anyone else think our rancid new uniforms are turning some of these transfers off?

Between missing Penney’s offenses and the eye bleeders Nike has shoved down our throats, I’m seeing a big up hill battle to win kids over.


I doubt it but the new uniforms are awful. I’m not sure who signed off on the redesign but hate it. We had one of the best looking uniforms in college. So much detail in our home uniforms. They replaced it with something bland almost a practice uniform. Did I say how much I hate it?


FFS take the uniform nonsense back to the Sabre

Edit: sorry, I don’t want to shout you down and you’re free to post about whatever you want but might I humbly suggest starting a separate thread on the topic?


Are you being serious? If so, I sincerely doubt that plays a part in recruitment especially the recruitment of someone that’s been around a few years

About the Uniforms or the impact of losing Penney?

One of them is a legitimate gripe that could be costing us recruits and/or transfers.

Blows my mind that we’re sitting here, a top program, with 6 open schollies and not much interest from the portal.

But my angst is probably not warranted and I’ll keep in to myself until we see how the roster shapes up.


We have no idea what’s actually happening so I have no idea how we can conclude there is “no interest from the portal” but we’ll see.


Especially when we’re basically in the top 3 for our 2 highest priority targets who are announcing soon