True or False (Three Point Shooting)

Tomas Woldetensae is 1-11 (9%). Kody Stattmann is 1-11 (9%). Casey Morsell is 1-17 (6%).

True or False: If any one of these three were shooting 40%+ from three, Virginia would be the #1 team in the country and a legit Final Four contender.


Ha. Thats one way to look at it

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Hah definitely food for thought there. What I get from that is it reinforces how early in the season it still is. I can’t believe that any of those guys will shoot in the single digits through March.

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I’m hopeful those guys will get it going this weekend. When you’re struggling with your shot, sometimes the best thing is to play on the road where it doesn’t feel like it’s under the same microscope… A neutral site minus the hostile crowd is even better.



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