Two new transfer targets

We’ve kept hearing that UVA is involved with a lot of transfers, more than were being reported. Well today, at least two new ones surfaced that hadn’t been publicly reported.

I was given some information this afternoon confirming that Virginia is involved with Eastern Washington junior big man Tanner Groves. That’s the bearded guy who dropped 35 on Kansas in the tourney. When we asked UVA sources about him we were told there’s mutual interest, and unclear if he would have an offer as of yet. There’s some things I can’t reveal but it’s safe to say his interest in Virginia is very very high.

Tanner’s younger brother Jacob Groves, a 6’7 soph wing, is also in the portal. I don’t know yet if UVA is involved with him.

if you missed it in the other thread, we also confirmed Virginia is seriously involved with Charleston Southern senior guard Phlandrous Fleming. NC State is also heavily in the mix. Like most of these transfers, we rarely know the full picture of who’s coming for them. He’s a definite take for UVA. As a grad transfer, he’s almost a freebie in terms of where UVA’s roster is. Meaning he wouldn’t impact what they can do with other spots that much.


Would Groves be a 4 or 5? As in could he be a 5 going small with Trey or a 4 with Shed?

I assume we’d wait on Gardner as Groves would take us out of that ? but we’d take Fleming anytime as he wouldn’t take us out with Franklin?

Groves is a center. But yeah there’s definitely some chess being played. Gardner and someone like Gurley who they’re also more involved with that it seems would be more ideal in terms of roster construction. Fleming would probably mean no Franklin but they could still pull in a different type of guard.


I haven’t wanted any videos of Fleming, but just looking at the numbers, he’s a very inefficient three point shooter. What are the positives to his game that we would be so interested in? We just lost a poor shooter to the portal and now we want to add another?
I’m asking because I haven’t seen any videos yet.

Edit: never mind. I see now that he was 2x Big South DPOY. Perhaps that’s why Tony is interested lol

I don’t think the numbers represent the type of shooter he is. 32% or whatever it was on 8 attempts per game is honestly solid. His usage rate was so damn high I gotta believe a chunk of those attempts are shots he wouldnt be taking at uva so perhaps closer to a 35% clip. High ft% clip would indicate the same, as does just watching him shoot. He’s got a smooth stroke


Maybe so, I appreciate the insight. Did notice he knocked it down around 80% from the line last year.
I’ll check out some videos tonight.

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While I’m more excited by the types of players Gurley and Gardner are, having lumberjack dad would also be pretty great.

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Is it possible that we would take Groves and Gardner? Groves to be a small ball 5?

Groves and Gardner would be fine, yeah . I think we’d do all do backflips over that. Heck I would for Gardner and anybody.


I don’t wanna turn you into these 247 guys but we need an HGN confidence meter on all these targets. Strictly so I can know which players I should watch film on and which I shouldn’t waste my time.


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Tanner Groves vs. Kansas highlights


Lol I can’t wait for us to get for Groves only for everyone to criticize him for the exact same reasons they criticized jay huff


Athletic Top 50 list uncommitted HS/transfers. Not including people we talked about previously and probably are out on. 24. Gardner, 33. Groves. 34. Franklin, 41. Gurley. Fleming was 50 a couple hours ago. Someone new must have bumped him out.

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Everyone looking at flemings number and seeing 32% as bad is crazy. He’s the leading scorer on a bad team, which means he taking a ton of contested shots.

Not too mention, 32% it’s not great but it’s about average. Malcolm Brogdon didn’t shoot over 34% until his senior year.

Anyone who shoots over 36-38% at the college level is elite, there’s only about 50 people who do.

My point, Fleming is a good shooter.


it would be BS if I tried to answer. I think what’s taking shape is we’re pretty likely to get one of those guards, that is assuming there isn’t another out there we don’t know about. Franklin will get first dibs. Initial impression is Fleming is close to theirs if they want him.


Lets go with “he’s probably not a bad shooter”. That’s a statement I’m confident in.

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I’m also looking at the previous two years when he shot below 30% from 3.

I’m not trying to say the guy can’t shoot, I’m just trying to make sense of the numbers.

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Over 81% of his 2 point field goals and 30% of his 3’s were unassisted last year. Logical to think his efficiency should improve as his usage rate drops and he is surrounded by more talented teammates.


They’re looking for shot creation too. He guards people and can get his shot.


Small ball lineup of Reece Armaan Fleming Gurley Jayden?