UNC at UVA game thread

North Carolina at Virginia. Tuesday 9 PM on ESPN.


Shulman and Dickie V on the mic

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Tough game. Gotta keep Bacot off the offensive glass and we have to find a way to penetrate the lane against UNC’s athletes at the 1-4. Last year they put Leaky Black on Kihei which caused him a number of problems, but I’d guess this year he sees a lot of Seth Trimble who entered the starting 5 last time out for them in place of Pete Nance. While Love and Davis are certified chuckers they can get hot in an instant, it’ll be important for Beeks, Kihei and Armaan to stay in their face at all times and take advantage of any mistakes they make in transition. Could see this one go down to the wire, free throw shooting will be crucial and I hope we’re able to pull it out in the end.

Fuck UNCheat, Hoos by 40.


HGN points out that UNC went with a starting lineup of Davis, Love, Leaky, Trimble, and Bacot vs. ND. Might be an interesting time to try our 4 guard lineup + Shed that we used vs. Pitt at the end of game. Leaves Shed on an island, but it’d be fun to watch.

I doubt it happens, but it would be interesting.


Kadin staying in game / playing with a chip on his shoulder
Adjusting and limiting the hedging
Serviceable Reece on defense

We win. It sucks Nance might be out. I’d feel better about our chances with that jabroni getting more minutes.


Dragon’s going to be there. Guarantees a Hoos win.


Oh snap… I just realized I still have 4x tickets available for tomorrow night if anyone wants them…

Also have VT tix available for next week…

This is the view from the seats:


Just wanna bring this up, UNC hasn’t won inside of JPJ since February 25th, 2012. Over a decade.

Did anyone think in their lifetime it would ever be possible for UVA to go undefeated at home against UNC in basketball for 10 years? Tony Bennett is a saint.


Line opened at UVA by 4.5


I will be hammering UNC +4.5


That’s an absolutely insane stat. Insane.

Like many of you, I’ve been a bit worried by Virginia’s performances over the last six games. My anecdotal sense is that while our record is good, and some of our wins looked really good (although less good as the season has progressed), we haven’t met the eye test lately.

So I was frankly surprised to look at KenPom and see that we’re ranked 14th, and that we’re one of only seven teams whose offense and defense are both ranked in the Top 25. In other words, the analytics seem to paint a much more optimistic picture. Tomorrow’s game should an interesting test of which is correct.


The Syracuse game which drove me crazy did show me that we can be really good. If we just had that guy who could get us a bucket when we needed it. Reece was starting to become the player we all knew he could be. Its a shame that we probably won’t see him at 100% again…This year. Will we have him next year?


On Bart Torvik’s website (different rating system than KenPom but similar enough for this point), you can look at the rankings without the preseason rating incorporated: https://barttorvik.com/?year=2023&sort=&hteam=&t2value=&conlimit=All&state=All&begin=20221102&end=20230501&top=0&revquad=0&quad=5&venue=All&type=All&mingames=0#

This has UVA at #19 based on this season’s data alone, and KenPom has UVA at like #5 preseason, so it makes sense that we’d be around #14, as KenPom will still have some preseason rating incorporated into the current rankings.

n.b. People sometimes complain about how long the preseason rating is incorporated into the rankings for these various sites, but if you were trying to predict the outcome of a game tonight, you almost certainly would want some preseason rating incorporated into your views of the teams’ current strength.

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Dammit I want to win this game tomorrow. Last year’s games pissed me off to an ungodly degree, from Bacot’s rogue elbow, to the refs, to our lack of effort.

Boys better bring it.


Hope Tony’s got something special cooked up for Bacot after the beat-downs last year, but I don’t know about our ‘double the post then recover to shooters’ ability this year (or the last couple years…). At least Brady Manek ain’t walking through that door.

Really need Kadin to avoid the goofy illegal-screen etc fouls on the offensive end…


Obligatoy stepping off the bus travel shot.


My hatred of everything Unc is real and runs deep!


I hate unc more than anybody else on this board. I believe my posting record demonstrates this fact.

Carolina Sucks.