Update on the next game in VIP

Multiple threads in VIP section worth checking out.


Can you please explain what this means for someone new to the site? Thanks!


Welcome @Jerome. We have a VIP sections of our site. This includes, VIP Blogs, Videos, Merch and Forum. Check it out.


I signed up for VIP, but I can’t find the VIP forum?

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Which email did u use for vip?

@uvadoc06 looks like its fixed


Thank you @uvadoc06 The Support by joining the Annual All Access is HUGE. It allows us to have more resources to spend on unique gear and you get it a volume discount.
Everyone wins, cause you really end up supporting the entire business and we will absolutely take care of you. Sure, we may not hit a homerun with every release, but your trust in us, allows us to get you better quality, more unique items. And when covid ends, at live events, you’ll be able to pick up items and get autographs. Lots of stuff coming and we SO appreciate it. @JBHoo and others can share photos of what they’ve gotten!


@merch - linking to that blog post in the Dec VIP thread is still not working for me, says I need to log in. Any advice? thank you!

I plugged that in as a vip forum also so u should be able to read it just on the forum until it gets sorted

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It’s absolutely worth it @uvadoc06!

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Which device are u on? @Vandy-Hoo

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@Merch – happening on my Mac and Pixel.

@Vandy-Hoo what happens when u login? do u get an error?

Is this where all the recruiting discussion went? Or is it just because there is little to discuss right now?

lol Yeah that’s mostly it. I do post some gossip stuff in the VIP section occasionally but the season is just a quiet time.

Probably wont be any movement till april at the earliest outside of a reported zoom visit

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I’m having trouble finding the VIP forum as well since December was locked…

if u go to the menu and select VIP Club as. category, u will see them all there.


David Teel on Twitter …