due to Covid 19 issues within the Virginia program.

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Sometimes I have to laugh to keep from being serious. :crazy_face:

COVID-19 has made me think certain things about sports that I suspected but hoped were not true. These are just my opinions (in other words, they have no value) :crazy_face:

-Men’s NCAA Division 1 college basketball pays the bills for college athletic departments. Even big-time FBS football and almost-big-time FCS football lose money at almost every school.

-Men’s Division 1 college basketball players could give their athletic directors or university presidents a list of any demands they can think up, and as long as they agree to play the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, they would be honored. Without having one of the 350 Division 1 men’s college basketball teams, there would be no college athletic scholarships in any sport at those schools that don’t have one. Title IX could not even be enforced.

I will keep saying it. This season will be a shit show and it will be hard tu be invested. How can you have a true champion with so many games being cancelled or postponed. How are you going tu prevent this from happening in the conference and ncaa tournaments. How do you truly judge which team deserve tu be in the ncaa. I said back in Sept, having an entire team in quarantine for 14 days if ONE person catches it. Will make it very unlikely tu have a valid season. Its just not going tu happen. It will be hard for teams tu be at their best with all these stoppages. Than you hear Dumbass refuse extra vaccine. Just tuday they had a huge protest in Brooklyn about being told tu wear a mask. They are anti mask and its mostly one group of people. That is important and needs tu be pointed out so it can be stopped. Wearing a mask doesnt prevent you from catching Covid but its much safer than not wearing one. Man I wish I was back home and not in NC. Im 15 minutes from where they protested. I feel like im in the twilight zone. SMH


Well back to bed I go this sucks

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I’m going to assume that someone was exposed to a positive case given that the W&M game is yet to be postponed.

Anyway, the whole wear a mask trope is only half the issue. Of the people that I see post that on social media, at least 75% seem to ignore the distancing aspect.

End of rant.


It is interesting that unlike NC State, we have not announced pausing of all basketball activities. Just a postponing/cancellation of the game tonight. Nothing yet about William and Mary as well.

Grasping for anything right now lol.


I suspect it’s contact tracing and with a few days of negatives we would be good to go? Idk


I saw a similar poster at the YMCA years ago. It’s why I stopped going.


That’s why 350 schools field Division 1 men’s basketball teams, to get their share of their team’s or conference’s NCAA tournament money. But this, of course, would mean that schools would probably not do contract tracing if they have a player who tests positive. They probably won’t even do any testing during the tournament, because Coach K knows, that if they don’t have a tournament this year, athletic departments would have to shut down. And for how many years?

Coaches would have to be permanently laid off, which would result in a huge amount of lawsuits. The ACC coaches aren’t dumb: I think this is why they asked to have all Division 1 schools in the tournament, so that there would still be a level of fan interest if so many schools have to drop out of the tournament. I’m sure that the NCAA will find a way to get men’s Division 1 college basketball players to the front of the line when vaccines are injected. :smiley:

When are we allowed to play again?

Rumblings are that we’re gonna play Nova

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I think we’re able to practice 10 days or something after the fact. So that would mean Wednesday

@brogdonfanpage kicking it on the Jwilly show

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