UVA vs VT Postponed


How many teams have paused twice? We the first?

deletes game preview that he spent the last 2 hours writing


Let’s have a moment of silence and appreciate everything Zach does :pray:


Well that actually may put a fork in the season

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Not good. 10 days is 3 games w one day before ND at JPJ

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Am I incorrect in hoping it could be a one off cancellation? That after they do the contact tracing at least some of the team will be able to practice.


Sure it could be. Just presenting worse case. Still possible we play Wake on Wednesday


Posters on Sabre saying we could play Tech maybe as soon as Monday …


the contact tracing should really help. Hopefully its someone who had minimal contact with players and other staff members.


how i understand the tracing.

Everyone on the staff has a chip/badge. When a positive comes back. they can track exactly who was within 6 feet of that badge between negative and positive tests.

So they will quarantine after seeing that data.


So basically we dont know who has been affected yet and can’t be sure about the schedule besides the VT game until this is sorted out? Am I understanding this right? The sky hasn’t fell yet?




Can the team continue to practice or is this a total shutdown like before?

I don’t think we have those details yet

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  1. This whole scenerio is going to keep repeating itself in upcoming seasons.
  2. I’m talking about Presidents of both political parties in the USA, funding, whether they know it or not, through the NIH, scientific research in over 30 countries.
  3. In addition to the virus constantly mutating, drug companies are going to lose enthusiasm for losing so much money inventing vaccines that are worthless 3 months later.
  4. I’m going to have to just be more of a fan of college basketball in general, because I can’t take this sudden,
    out of thin air, cancellation of UVa games.
  5. Next year, ACC teams might as well have a “bubble” plan for men’s basketball, or just retire the sport. :grinning: These players, even though they may have recovered from COVID-19, could have internal damage to any organ in their body, and there is no way that I know of to check each organ for damage.
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@Hoosrising just depends on the contact tracing. Those who have not been exposed will be able to practice.

With all due respect sir, I believe this post is incorrect almost in its entirety. First of all, the vaccines are highly likely to work against the mutated strains. Why? Because of the science behind how viruses work and how vaccines work. Secondly, while the virus may not go away in it’s entirety, neither has the flu which infects millions each year (~10% of the unvaccinated population) , kills hundreds of thousands each year and has done these things for as long as college basketball has been around. Life will be back to normal so soon it will blow your mind.


The announcers on Rutgers-Iowa said that Wake was looking for a new opponent due to issues within our program. Not hopeful for this game happening