UVA vs Wake Preview/Live Thread

Five years later

We’ve got basketball on tonight:

This’ll be our live thread.


Link to the list of RSN affiliates carrying tonight’s game. MASN for the locals. Or I think it’s available on WatchESPN.

Didn’t know which category to put this in, but Sam makes the second cut of the Wooden List

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Surprised tbh


anyone know If watch espn will work in local area? Switched to YTTV last year because of the whole Comcast ACC debacle only to find out an ACC game may be blacked out :roll_eyes:

Any word on which two players?

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Once again Zach, Nice job on the preview.


No Jay Huff has me a little concerned

Hopefully its only the guards. Morsell and Kastra are the ones out that I know of. Hopefully Kadin is available.

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yeah. They were reported here a couple days ago that Casey was out. I’ve heard the other was a walk on.

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Got some more news

Pretty happy with this

I don’t love the beeks and keeks combo, but with morsell out i guess it alright

What would you suggest? Woldetensae?

That would be the logical other option. But he’s a defensive slice of Swiss cheese, so I don’t love that either.

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Is it a crazy idea to go:

It likely is, but just a fun thought

Im not arguing with the lineup for tonight. I just don’t really see Reece and kihei as particularly complementary of each other on the floor. More like redundant. Tonight, i see it because somebody has to guard the 2.


No I don’t think that’s crazy but again your defense at the 2 is suspect.

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