UVA's COVID protocol

Did it strike anyone else odd that UVA’s Covid protocol is not aligned with standard protocols and forced the basketball team to a 10 day vs. the standard 7 day protocol?!?! Who dictates this? The CDC guidelines have changed but it doesn’t seem as though the school is keeping up!

I don’t remember the specifics of the explanation but TB did talk about this subject on last night’s Coach’s Corner.

According to today’s post-game, they “expected” to be 7 days and were prepared to play both Villanova and Gonzaga. Than found out that UVA required 10 days and had to cancel at that point.

On Coach’s Corner, I think it was something like the UVA hospital epidemiologists thought 10 days was more appropriate and thus what the University requires.

One of the national reporters said our longer stoppage was due to the Albemarle County and Charlottesville protocols. Want to say it was Norlander on his podcast but might’ve been Rothstein.

Turns out it was the UVa protocol that got us…

COVID protocol is a phrase I’d be happy never hearing again.