VCU scrimmage notes

Got some scoop from today’s scrimmage. Hoos won 68-65. Didn’t play well but got the result was what I was told. Gardner top scrorer with 18 and Reece and Shedrick were efficient as well and in double figures. So was Franklin but he didn’t shoot it well. From young guys Taine was best as he was 2-3 from 3 pt range. I’ll take it as VCU plays tough defense even though they aren’t as good as last year.


Seems like Franklin is in a bit of shooting rut in the preseason. Not worried though - his career stats give me confidence he’ll be just fine (although still knocking on wood).

Also, thank you for sharing!


Reece with 5 steals too. And Kihei didn’t play well at all, so that’s a good sign that we won without him being at his best.


This horse has been beaten into a fine paste at this point, but it does suck we kind of have to make either Kihei or Reece play off ball. Neither are shooting guards and it’s a bummer for the offense and for them personally that they’re going to have to play out of position. Whoever is off ball is probably going to have multiple games looking not so great.


Ive also been obnoxious about it but I feel as though Reece Armaan Taine is a “when” not “if”. It just doesn’t make sense to play a 5’8 shooting guard who isn’t a great shooter. Have him back up reece so that there is no drop off and also surround Kihei with shooters in that line up (Carson Kody Taine Igor Armaan) so he doesn’t have to force.


Also something I just noticed. Kody didn’t play so hope he’s ok.


VCU is bad this year lol

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VCU is seemingly cursed. Lost two players to season ending injuries again I think.

There are some reasons to be weary about Franklin. He shot only 27% from 3 as a freshman. And in all tier A Kenpom games in his first two years he been bad from both 2pt range and 3pt range. He hasn’t been a very efficient offensive player. Under 100 both years.


Really appreciate the report.

We knew this team was gonna take a bit to round into form. Getting a result is a good thing as I suspect they’ll be a lot of games like that.


Fwiw guy on the Sabre saying we scrimmage Georgetown next Saturday


I know it won’t happen, but if anything this is another reason to hope for a Reece/Armaan/Taine backcourt. If Taine’s defense comes along fast enough it gives them plenty of options shooting-wise if Reece struggles and if there’s mean-regression for Armaan

Tony’s forgotten more about coaching than I’ll ever know, but we know he has a blind spot for Kihei.

I 100% believe KC should play a role in the rotation, but he & Reece playing 20+ mins per game together again severely limits the offense.

Imma keep saying it to amuse myself. Kiehei off the banch cause he can sub for any of 3 spots as each game dictates and he can know what the team needs from him by starting out watching


And it looks like we’re gonna have three years of it. Sometimes your window is only open so long so it’s a bit distressing

If the season started tomorrow, I believe Caffaro Stattmann and Murray would have roles off the bench.

Murray came in and gave a nice lift vs VCU. He’s definitely ahead of Carson for the 4th guard spot. Gotta take better care of the ball though.

They’re really excited about Milicic but he’s had a hard adjustment to the speed and competitiveness once real practices started. Hopefully things slow down for him and it clicks but not there yet.

I don’t know where Kody was Saturday. He’s a pretty important player right now. Gotta have a capable small ball 4. That’s definitely going to be part of the scouting report on this team, make them go small.
VCU played 2 bigs the whole game so it wasn’t an issue.


Yeah, Taine had a few turnovers in the Blue-White scrimmage as well. Might just be getting used to the speed of guards here, and guards in college maybe being more willing to gamble for steals than the league he was playing in (although not being an NBL expert, that’s just a guess). Bet he figures it out fairly quickly though.

The flow of the game is different as well if you watch Taines highlights from before UVa. American dudes play a certain way that is just different from abroad.

My guess is in general guys here are faster than where he grew up. Takes time and experience.

From what I have seen I am neither high or low on Taine for the record.


If Carson leaves, it’s a bummer, but probably not a big setback for the program. Understand: I very much want him to stay and be a big success. But you can see talent stacking up at/near his position. If he transfers out, it’s because there is somebody(ies) better that will keep him off the floor. This is the new(ish) reality in the sport. Over the next decade we will have a lot of transfers out and they’re probably all going to be good players and most will be really great kids and we will be sad to see the vast majority of them go. I’m a fan of his so I hope he stays.


Very true. Just kind of disillusioning in the ‘development’ aspect of our program that’s supposed to be unique and special if guys are only going to give/get two years to make it work.