VIP Chat October 2020

Where did the month go? 15 minutes into October so I’m locked out of the September chat!


The only question I have now on Keels is with September gone, do the odds drop drastically from here out? Just seems he has to have all the info needed, especially from UVa.

At this point the same can be said with both Nova and Duke…

I have 2 concerns now with it being October. My first concern is the marathon angle. Bennett has been full steam ahead for over a year now. But the biggest concern is Oakes mentioned last week he is hearing Duke leads slightly. Not sure what else Bennett can say to spin it back in UVA’s favor at this point.

We’re just gonna have to be patient and let it play out with those two guys. Need to keep remembering this year isn’t like any other. Uncommitted recruits are that way because they can be, really all there is to it. Without coaches coming around, there’s no pressure. They can hold off until they’re 110% sure. Fall is Fall anyway. it’s not like the time matters at this point.


Oakes dropped some positive Houstan news today, sure you saw. Any thoughts? had assumed that was a long shot.

Hadn’t heard a thing about him. They’re trying but unless he’s signing early doesn’t matter much right now. Things have a way of resetting at that point.

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@HoozGotNext Oakes also said Efton was exploring G-League… I thought he wasn’t projected as NBA-body / NBA-skilled ready yet? Could it be the whole “College Does Not Prepare Big Men” scenario?

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I forgot about the new G league option. To me if Im a 7footer i go that route. No NCAA team is going to deploy and develop your skillset in the proper manor that its going to be used in the NBA

The whole G-league thing is you need two people to dance…so unless the Gleague affiliate is willing to offer a contract there isn’t much to explore…, although this lines up with the info out there that Reid’s group thinks he is NBA ready sooner than a number of CBB coaches who do this stuff for a living…


I saw a tweet a while back from an AAU coach… and I paraphrase “after 3 HS and 4 AAU teams… perhaps the problem isn’t the coaching?”


Good point but id imagine the deals are more team friendly that drafting a guy


If you think the guy is worth a draft pick then yea but idk if that’s how Reid is perceived

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Have no idea about Reid, as I don’t follow recruiting outside of scrolling on here. But was speaking macro not a micro sense.

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First time posting, but with the recent talk on the board this could be exciting!


Nice… Welcome @grooAhoo

So if the 247 intel is right we’re looking at UVA Bama Michigan and Duke or UNC?

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Yeah assume Alabama Michigan and UVA are finalists for Houstan. And probably not Duke. I’ve been handed these type of tips like Oakes delivered yesterday. Nobody says anything about a list coming out, shoulda figured when it’s that out of the blue. The list cut doesn’t guarantee he signs early but it’s a big deal. He’s eliminating major programs, blue bloods presumably, and that word “final” is rarely used these days.

Color me skeptical on the Efton G-League talk. I buy that he’d be interested in going that route, but I question whether it’s available to him.


Any new tidbits? Haven’t seen anyone really showing their hand but I do have to wonder if there’s more than coincidence to the Houstan final list, Keels committing rumors and Kaufman “foreshadowing” all happening in the same week… there’s only one thing all 3 of their final lists have in common :slight_smile:

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Nothing concrete really. I think it’s just that time, signing period is a month away. They’ll all wrap by then. There’s been a radio silence since yesterday from the usual suspects, which often means news is in or expected.

Keels is down to UVA and Duke. That seems to be definite. Bennett delivered his final pitch recently. And I heard from a friend of a Duke player that they expect him to decide very soon, actually said this coming week… So I think it’s just up to him now. They’re kinda done with it.

I don’t know much about what’s going on with Kaufman other than what others have reported. There’s talk that it’s between UVA and UNC but I’m not totally buying that. Seems to be more people connecting dots than actual intel. That IG post probably does mean he’s decided.

If none of the above mattered, I think Houstan would probably pick UVA. One connected guy on the our side said they have a better chance with him than Keels, but he’s always been pessimistic on Keels. Only way I see it working out with him is if they don’t get either Keels or Kaufman.