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An achievement to be sure, and I’m proud of him. But I wasn’t referring to the specialty teams.

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The original poster said an All ACC team … and he has.

Maybe Ryan Dunn can make the All-ACC Academic Team and check the box for Richan34.

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@HoozGotNext would it be fair to say that the dream scenario(that won’t happen) is getting 1 from each of the categories(PG, Wing, Forward, Center, Reclass PG who can play off ball) ???

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Yep that’s about it. Right now they have 7 players projected for 2024-25 ( man that feels weird to type). Adding 5 puts them where they want to be, 12 at the early signing period.

It’ll probably change once transfers are done this spring. Like I don’t really see them adding 2 frontcourt players in 2024. They’ll try to get a transfer, ideally a multi-year player, and that’ll eliminate one.


I’m curious on your opinion for '24 PG targets. Do you think the staff lands one of the 2 mentioned or is the future PG still out there waiting to be seen? Just using the past other than Beekman, I would lean more towards the future PG has yet to be offered.

Tough but fair.

I think they’ll get one of those two. The only hedge is Bennett will need to crank things up. That’s true of 2024 recruiting overall, not just the PGs. I mentioned Painter going to see Perry twice. That equals the number of times TB has been in for all 8 players mentioned above combined.

That’s been a trend for two years now, very little early recruiting activity. It’s partly by choice, sort of holding back until they get through transfer season. And then this year it’s partly because 2023 recruiting went longer than normal. By the time they decided to recruit a 2024 PG, TB was done going on the road.


Of course having a 12 man roster is only going to work if 2 or 3 of those guys are willing to redshirt or not play much like Taine so far. Of the eight listed above and any multi year transfers I don’t think that is going to fly except maybe for one of the big guys.

@HoozGotNext Any chance they consider Isaiah Abraham as a candidate for the forward spot? Watching the PVI games in london I did not see a guard in him. Very much a high motor small ball 4 at 6’7 (more athletic Braxton Key in my mind). Also would be a dope modern pairing with Kon Knueppel at the 3. Like if Hauser was eligible the year with Braxton in 2020. Otherwise Im not high on him as a true guard.


An article from another UVa site this morning has some good stuff on Sorber. Won’t pull from that piece out of respect for their work, but sounds like the staff (TB & Vandross) has made quite an impression.


Very postive

Quick aside, Houston does awesome awesome work, but maybe it’s the way he frames the questions/interviews, feels like every kid he talks to is coming to UVA. I remember reading Elmarko Jacksons interview and thinking damn, he’s ours lol


Some discrepancies in the interests out there.

No but that’s kinda part of the “wing” role is being a small-ball 4. They’re not exactly pushing to get him yet, and really they’re not pushing to get anyone except the point guards yet. Maybe Knueppel. Everybody else is at least somewhat dependent on what happens with the late recruiting cycle (transfers in/out etc).


No Virginia mention (of course we are just in the preliminary stage there) but a good summary of who he is as a player


This goes back to the puzzle that is piecing together a recruiting class and structuring a future rotation. Mulready is described as a power guard who can facilitate, drive, and play great defense but struggles shooting at this stage. So in the event that our staff decides to make a push, you probably wanna pair him with a wing like Knueppel instead of Abraham so as to not have any shooting or spacing problems in your lineup.


Seems similar to Gertrude. Nothing about him screams PG. After 3 years of playing 2 PG’s it would be nice to bring one or two in especially with Reese blowing up as an NBA prospect.