VIP exclusive game used gear from Tomas W

Checkout the shop…Listen to his podcast…


This is awesome.

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Sending a big “thank you” to Tomas and the LRA team!


Glad you all enjoyed it. We tried to keep the initial launch to podcast listeners and forum users…We’ll continue to do that, so you get first dibs on all the cool stuff. Really appreciate everyone’s support…


Any way to offer a running jacket? No good UVa ones out there currently… been looking for one for ages.

Is that a thin windbreaker pullover?

It’s a bit more involved than a windbreaker… I have something like this below currently…

It’s more of a Spring/Fall one… there are Winter ones as well…

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Love the guys being able to move their old stuff on here. We can support them directly and can also get ahold of gear UVA doesn’t sell. I’ve been disappointed that we don’t sell any Elite gear now that we’re getting it so hopefully can get some this way. Anything from the final 4 would be awesome too, I missed Jays sale on the players trunk.


Probably not a large enough demand for that just to make sense. If i make a limited number…the price is sky high.

Sure… didn’t want you to go out of your way… if I had rights to the logo, I would just have my uncle do it… but it’s the catch-22 of it all.

No worries.