VIP March Madness Chat 2021

Will this month be a good month or me avoiding the board for days upon end due to losing game angst! LFG!


Hoping we’re still able to talk about current games at the end of the month too! Go Hoos

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I hope to hear of a few more '22 commitments this month as well. Is that a pipe dream?

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I heard @HoozGotNext say this weekend was good for one that shall not be named. Any timetable guess @HoozGotNext ?

Are we talking about the '21 “He who shall not be named” or the '22 weekend visitor “He who shall not be named”?

The latter

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I’ve given up on the first one and I think most people have too

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I agree… I was more playing with you on the fact you used that moniker for “another”. HAHA! :slight_smile:

When Keels commits to UVa we gonna be happy or hold it against him for waiting?


I honestly don’t think he’s coming to Cville. It’s not a Tony Bennett player move to just grasp attention like this. But you never know and I’d like to be proven wrong


Keels signs with UVA My smile be to big for anybody to be able to tell fresh


Love it

Ehh this has been hashed out hundreds of times on this board and others already, but I really don’t think he’s grasping attention. Every other HS senior gets to make their college decision in April, why can’t he? It’s smart to see what teams’ rosters will look like.


Agreed, I don’t think he’s grasping attention, or doing anything out of the ordinary really. Virginia hasn’t had an opportunity to make it this far recruiting a player of this caliber previously. KG is the closest but he was not Keels. That said, I’d be shocked if he commits to UVa, and it has nothing to do with not being a CTB guy.


Sorry, are you saying a 22 might decide soon?

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HGN said progress was made this weekend in another thread

Austin Nunez is/was in charlottesville yesterday. Just the fact that he’s there is good to see.


@brogdonfanpage Man… you said his name out loud and now you jinxed it! Sheesh… now I’m bummed. :exploding_head:


He who shall be named?

Likely gonna do a blog post on rotational stuff later in the week with analysis of this, but breakdown of how they split time last night. Didn’t record exact numbers for previous games but that 41% is much lower for the clark-beekman pairing than it had been.

Backcourt time % not including ‘scrub time’:

Clark-Beekman:16:14 (41%)

Beekman-Woldetensae: 9:20 (23.6%)

Clark-Morsell: 6:37 (16.7%)

Clark-Woldetensae: 5:04 (12.8%)

Beekman-Murphy: 1:29 (3.8%)

Beekman-Morsell: 0:39 (1.6%)