VIP ONLY Bracket

Make sure you enter the bracket in the main thread. Put VIP and ur username to enter.
The highest rated VIP user will win another prize pack…


Bump this one up. Who’s our winner?

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Looks like it’s @Fitz-Hoo if I’m not mistaken.

I’m just proud to be sitting tied for 32nd with @PhonyBennett

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Atghh that hurts 1 game away from beatinf @Fitz-Hoo brutal

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Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. I feel a little dirty riding Baylor to the win.


If I’m not mistaken I think I placed ahead of him at 2nd behind bubbaswolv

You didn’t follow directions and put VIP in your bracket name. That is a Flagrant 2 and requires automatic ejection from the game.

OK, Congrats!

Must’ve missed that part. I actually wasn’t a VIP at the time the bracket started, so looks like it’s all yours.

I’m a VIP as well and won it all. I couldn’t get into the VIP post and just got it fixed. If that disqualifies me than ok.

I have bubbawolves as the champ and
VIP Fitz hoo.

But I will send AUVa o a package too.

Dm me ur address!