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Kadin out against UConn for “precautionary” reasons due to shoulder.


That happen back in the hotel room? He was in til the end of the UL game.

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Looks like Igor played 44 minutes last night in OT game versus UCF in a loss. Igor with 18 and 10 and conference player of the week


Man i forgot about him. Good for him


He apparently has been playing with a shoulder injury. He had a rig on it against Loserville.

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In the 2019 tourney, Kyle couldn’t hit the ocean from a rowboat the first three games and then was on fire in the next three. Shooters have to keep shooting.


Per Ted Lasso, shooters have to have the memory of a goldfish. The last shot and the next are completely unrelated.


McKoy with 12 points 11 rebounds in 27 minutes in his 2nd game.

where is he now?

Was he? He shot just under 47% from the field the last 3 games of 2019. I guess that would be on fire compared with the 21% he shot in the first 3 games. He did shoot 40.7% from 3 the last 3 games - while pretty good - wouldn’t say it was on fire.

Jerome on the other hand shot 40.5% from 3 in all 6 games combined.


It’s splitting hairs but I would argue it was more the final 2.5 games, basically from the 2nd half of the Purdue game on since he was ice cold before the ankle injury happened. He was 20/39 from the field and 11/24 from 3 during that span, numbers that I think would constitute a little more as being ‘on fire’.


Kyle’s also got a MOP trophy sitting on his mantle that says he played pretty well to close out that tournament.


We know that about Blake based on 5 games because???

I’m gonna wait for a sample size of more than one game before I say Kadin is great elsewhere.

If you look at the right handful of games last year, you’d say he was great for us, too. And if you looked at another set of games, you’d say he wasn’t great. When people say we could have used him last night against Wisconsin, I laugh – because I can just imagine him committing two fouls in the first five minutes and sitting for the rest of the half.

You weren’t always sure which Kadin you were going to get, and that was the frustrating part. If the environment in Texas helps him become more consistent, then I’m happy for him.


Yep. You either got the Kadin that was our 2nd best player.

Or the Kadin that was benched for a 29% 3PT “specialist” transfer from a mid-major school.

<Edit: I think Kadin was consistently Kadin all year, if my sarcasm isn’t coming through

He was consistently:
-Our best pick & roll offensive post
-Our best post defensively guarding picks with his hedging
-Our best rim protector
-Our only post that could play above the rim offensively
-Awkward in the all knees-and-elbows sense
-Called for fouls when punched/elbowed in the face
-A mediocre rebounder because he overcommitted to blocks

The last 3 are non-negotiables to our coach even though the first 4 add a ton of value. The primary inconsistency was his playing time.>


Must’ve been Tony’s fault. I mean, that was his complaint to the college basketball world when he dragged the program on his way out. Good riddance.


Fault is irrelevant.

Kadin was a complex case but pretty objectively a valuable player to both last year’s team and a missing link to this year that could have made it a final four contender.

I can’t speak to the locker room stuff and the personality conflict with the coaching staff. It has been heavily rumored and probably has merit.

I can say that it’s sad that the master plan didn’t come together because Kadin’s development and the mutual trust between him and the staff were destroyed last year.


You think Kadin Shedrick is the difference between whether UVA would have been a final four contender? Lol…we will just have to agree to disagree on this point. He certainly wouldn’t have solved the rebounding issue, but he can clean up around the basket and block some shots; not the difference maker for this team, imo. Then you add his attitude and lack of confidence from Tony and I don’t see a difference maker; I see a problem with a few benefits.


You know, all I posted was that Kadin had a monster game against Loserville, which is fact. It’s amazing the trip down all the rabbit holes that followed.