Virginia vs. Mississippi State Game Thread

Got it, so not very confident in this one:). I think I’ll go the bet against UVA route so that I am happy if they win and less pissed off if they lose.

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I forgot Garrison Brooks transferred there, and Rocket Watts was supposed to become a star at Michigan State. Had no idea he transferred, but I wasn’t paying attention, either. Those guys make this more interesting. Appreciate all the insight here and looking forward to a good game…


I feel like Mississippi State is the Bass Tech of Mississippi (and Ole Miss is the UVA)


Honestly I think it was both. They aren’t THAT bad.

Hmm we’ll agree to disagree. There, I don’t think they are THAT bad but I do think they shoot THAT poorly and combine that with an opponent who already boatraced them once in the season it wasn’t hard for heads to drop.

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Usual starting 5 (Sheds)

Just want to see the boys come out and play sharp tonight. Maybe NIT vs NCAA relieves some of our usual tournament jitters. Playing at home. Not some hot-shooting mid-major preparing for the game of their lives.

Man Armaan’s shot is completely broken. Need an upgrade at the 3 next year


Papi mauls ball, not face. Interesting choice for the postseason.


This team would be so much if after armaan misses 2 in a row, we had a real sub for him. Imagining having taine or McKneely to come in a take minutes when his shot isn’t falling just seems so much better

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Kihei passed up a really open look there

Get ready for that next year then because if they come in after Armaan misses twice we’ll be seeing a lot of PT for the youngins

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I have bad news for you

Kody has been holding it all in reserve for 4 years for tonight


Great pass Gardner


I’m not so sure he’s penciled in for 30 minutes. He’s the only option this year but Tony can’t like that lack of shooting at the 3

Needed these strong takes to the hoop during the regular szn!


Agreed - we saw him reduce Casey’s minutes in a similar context.

Exactly. He’s playing so much this year because of lack of options. Won’t be the case next year

I don’t see the same options as you do I guess. McKneely can play but we may need him to take the minutes at the two. Don’t see Murray or Igor at the three if they stay