Where does Craig Littlepage rank in most important UVA figures?

The man that helped recruit TB…


Wow nice pull


Oh, that’s awesome.


Doug Workman asked the question. Is Littlepage the most influential person in UVA Basketball history?

Recruited Ralph
Recruiting TB


Man why you gotta offer these loaded questions? If i was at work there went my afternoon.

The points you made make a good case. But I gotta detract some points for Mike London Groh extension and Tina Thompson I believe.

All that said Top 5?!?!

He hired Gillen and Leitao…but without those, may be we never come to the realization that Tony Bennett is the right fit. Most people wanted Tubby Smith, but we wanted a slower tempo, solid defense (learned from Gillen hire) and we need a mild mannerred demeaner (learned from Leitao), No off-court issues (learned from end of JJ era).

I know oliver had a big hand in TB…but still. Solid case there…

Could also argue, it was all luck…

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For Mens Hoops, I’d say “yes”.

It’s a solid case. Learning from pasr mistakes and adjusting is important. Do think there’s a bit of luck with CTB being who he became. The Leito era was awful for the program.

Like I said I’d put him top 5 because of the hires and Ralph recruitment. Probably 4 or 5. Gotta hold some space for the guys who did the work

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Personally think taking credit for Ralph is a massive stretch. Thats mostly Coach Holland and The University itself

Edit: and proly had to do with current players at the time whom Ralph was comfortable with

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