Will Tony Bennett look to Transfer Portal next Year?

Green is a PG. UVA took a brief swing at him during his final July, along with a few other high majors. His dad is an assistant at Northern Iowa. so it was pretty hopeless. Gonzaga was probably the one closest to pulling it off. I doubt he’d actually transfer. But then again, I could see him being tempted to find out what could have been with the extra year.


Dang, that dude is a PG? I’m all on board, haha.


Yea IMO we should keep adding 2/3’s who can shoot, without regard to younger guys in the pipeline, until someone proves it on the court. Throw as many darts as possible until a couple hit and then worry about succession planning.

A power conference program cannot continue to survive on the guard play we’ve seen the last 3 years. Let alone return to Final Four contention.


Doubt it. He’s still getting mocked in the top 10 by most analysts.

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37.7% from deep on 8 per game, 90.8% from the line. Yes i would very much enjoy him being on our team.

feels like he’s the best case of what vpi hoped Murphy would be.