Zach, how does the triangle offense resemble the middle third from 2018-2019?


I see some parallels to the middle third offense that Jordan Sperber highlighted: How Virginia Won A National Championship - YouTube

I’d be curious to hear what you’re seeing.


Yeah it’s really the same set/offense. They still hold three fingers up to call for it. Everybody just has different names lol.

The emphasis on getting Dre the ball in favorable positions is real similar to the few comments we’ve heard from Jwilly and CTB about Huff and Hauser this year. That said, really that whole offense flowed through Dre. With Kihei, Sam, and Jay in the ‘triangle’ there’s tons of more options. Against TTU, it was mostly Kyle-Dre-Mamadi in there and if we’re being honest neither Mamadi or Kyle weren’t making all that many moves in the low post or the midrange.

But, now, it’s much more of a three-headed monster in there as all three guys are good in the low post, midrange, and all can stretch the floor when popping onto the perimeter. (Brief pause to reflect on the fact I said Kihei is good in the low post). That’s why I kinda expect them to roll with this moving forward. Maybe not as much as they did against ND, but this is clearly the offense that is best set up to be successful for this team against real competition.