2022 commits update and discussion thread

The Fall Recruiting thread had a heckuva run but it’s December. Time for a new one.


Hard pass on friedrichsen. He just looks like he would suck if he came here. Probably be a star at Iowa though.

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I can’t decide whose highlights excited me more

“Coach Williford stays in contact with me and keeps me up to date when they are playing.”

Hopefully Williford is giving Jackson the wrong days or channels for our games.


The national recruiting guy (Meyer for 24/7) just crystal balled UNC for Jackson (and another crystal ball in last 2 days). Looks like things happening in the background…

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What a terrible decision true. Hubert great assistant, seems to be a terrible head coach. Ugh

A bit soon to jump to that conclusion, don’t you think? UNC wasn’t great defensively under Roy either and switching to a stretch 4 typically hurts the defense. Think we need to at least see if they improve through the remaining 2/3 of the season before it’s reasonable to label Hubert a bad head coach.


Yeah, to me Jackson feels like one of those Williford recruitments where I just think to myself “Why even bother?” I don’t think he’s coming here even a little bit. But maybe they’ll shock me one day.


Only watched Friedrichsen’s clip once but I don’t recall him using his left hand on any drives from the left side. Lots of awkward right hand toss ups. He made them but then again he’s going against high school defense and it’s a highlight clip.

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Nope - really like the kid’s game since we are looking at his sophomore year highlights. He’s gangling, but he has a pretty quick pull up and release, and gets his shoulders squared even if his lower body seems discombobulated. No KGuy, but there’s room to develop that jumper.

Just give me a jumper


We need a Ty Jerome like player who can shoot asap to even out our defensive point guards.

Sadly don’t think we will see the likes of Jerome again. Kid was special, overshadowed in many ways by Guy and Hunter, but he was the the difference maker.


I’ll settle for a guard that can run point and shoot…and is from New York or Boston.

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Well, Jerome was a first round pick so he wasn’t THAT overshadowed.

I absolutely agree. From day 1, Ty had “it,” i.e. that NY street ball in-your-face-and-whaddayagonnadoaboutit moxie.


You could see it his freshman year when he went into Philly absolutely fearless, and we nearly beat Villanova. He was bombing 3’s from NBA range without hesitating.

Hard to pick one, but if I had to…all-time favorite Hoo.


Ty is definitely my all time favorite Hoo. Slight edge over @DFresh11


you like number 11 I see. No argument from me on Ty

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Convenient for UNC and GG Jackson to both be playing in Vegas this weekend, on his birthday no less.

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