2022 Fall Recruiting Thread: Gertrude Watch, Tony on the Road, and the 2024s

Isn’t it a big argument in the salesperson’s world regarding whether it is best to be the first or last to do your sales pitch? Wonder how that translates to CBB recruiting?


I expect Elmarko will visit, that’s the plan he just hasn’t set a date.


It may have been “Last” as in last visit to be scheduled and announced.

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Yea not sure whether first or last is best but they are both better than being in the middle. Just psych 101 people remember the beginning and ending of sequences.

As an IT sales guy… it really depends… and my personal opinion is it depends on how smart/stupid the customer is…

If the customer is stupid, you want to go last because the last thing most stupid folks see is the most compelling as they have forgotten everything beforehand.

If the customer is smart, you want to go first because they will then use your visit to compare with all the remaining visits, and if that person is smart enough to see the value in your product, it will actually reinforce your product.


what if your customer is of average intelligence but your product really blows?


All bets are off at that point. LOL!

Edit: Would the basketball equivalent be Emoni Bates?


I can’t wait to build my hopes and dreams sky high on this recruitment this fall

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Is there any recruit who isnt a 4 star in some metric


Either he’ll be wowed by the offer and we’ll jump to the head of the line, or we’re just too late to the game.

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Lol my first thought was “we’re getting him” my second thought was “we’re getting trey greened when he commits to hometown Kansas State on his upcoming visit”

He has a lot of potential. Wont lose sleep if we dont get him. 7 footer wing span. Can hit catch and shoot threes with good form. Dad played in the NBA 7 years. Sister is on womens team at Arkansas


Cometely forgot the old link academy and mokan coach is an assistant at Kansas state too LOL

Nice timing 24hrs before the KSU visit. We’ll see if it causes him to go last this weekend

Probably had to lob it in now to have any shot

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Huh, Dad is Chris Carr. I don’t remember him, but apparently finished 2nd to Kobe in the 97 dunk contest.

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Didn’t lure Trey Green there so maybe won’t be an issue

This kansas state tidbit on his sister who transferred from Kansas State to Arkansas

“It’s my understanding Chris and Chrissy were “asked” to move on as both were the main contributors to the unhealthy locker room within the WBB program at that time.”

Lol. If true, Hard Pass. Nothing confirmed further on my end but let’s offer Jalil Bethea, Ty Davis, and Daniel Freitag already anyways please

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